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Presenting & Influencing

A highly interactive and experiential 2-day programme designed to help future leaders inspire and influence though impactful presentations.

Telling a clear and persuasive story through presentations is an important part of the vast majority of leader’s roles. Yet research shows that public speaking and presenting are two of the most common workplace fears. Moreover, a quarter of people avoid careers in which they could be confronted with their fears.

That’s a worrying number of potentially talented people who are shying away from becoming leaders, because they lack confidence in a skill that is absolutely trainable. In other words, public speaking could be the greatest psychological threat to a leadership career.

The good news: anxiety is the emotion which lends itself best to being overcome through behavioural techniques, through doing and practising at the right level of stretch. For that reason our workshop is full of encouraging, practical exercises and opportunity for constructive feedback.

Drawing on our backgrounds as professional actors and presenters we share our own toolkits as well as demystifying the effects of nerves and looking at ways to structure a convincing narrative. Whether participants are natural extroverts or introverts, they’ll discover that there’s a confident and capable presenter in them all.



Presenting & Influencing

What will you learn?

  • Preparation techniques and strategies
  • Principles of effective storytelling
  • How to reframe nerves and present with confidence
  • How to influence through body and voice
  • Psychology behind powerful presentations
  • Improvisation and how to think on your feet
  • Authentic impact and creating a personal congruent style
  • How to create compelling, engaging and memorable presentations
  • Present with purpose, passion, personality and presence
  • Enhanced ability to inspire and influence senior colleagues and stakeholders
Motivate and Inspire Action!

Delivering presentations with confidence



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