Partnerships with Wildgoose

At Wildgoose we are always looking for exciting new partnership opportunities. Our versatile technology provides a unique solution to a number of business needs.

Here are a few examples of how we can work with a range of partners:

  • Venues – add a unique twist to your events package; engage and inform the public about your venue.
  • Agencies –  enhance your product or service.
  • PR agency – an exciting way to engage the public by bringing a brand, product or message to life.
  • Theme Parks – entertain thrill-seekers in the queues!

Wildgoose can provide fully managed team events for your clients with our dedicated and experienced team who will work with the event organiser before the event, to help plan everything from recommending a suitable venue for the start and end of the event, to the specific timings for the day of the event.

On the day, our event staff will be on hand to deliver an event briefing; offer guidance and support (but no clues!) and after the event to provide an eagerly anticipated wrap up presentation.

Or we don’t have to be there at all! The Wildgoose app can be downloaded; updated with unique games designed and created from your specific brief; played anywhere in the world and all on a smartphone or tablet.

Our technology allows you to reach your audience – large or small – for a huge range of purposes. It gets even better when we add in our fantastic features such as image recognition, live shareable scoreboards and maps showing the locations of all of the teams playing, but also our in-depth statistics pages giving you tangible results to measure the success of your event or campaign.

The scope of what Wildgoose can do is huge, illustrated by our case studies which provide examples of our partnerships.

If you are already running your own events, and are interested in licensing our technology from us, no problem, visit our licensing page to see your options and get in touch


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