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An interactive guide to team building activities in London

London is the United Kingdom’s capital and most populous city. It is the hub of not only British culture but is internationally recognised as a centre for the arts, commerce, entertainment, fashion, finance, media and technology to name just a few of its most prosperous professions. As such, London has a wealth of activities on offer that hail from all different quarters, and of these activities there is an abundance of specifically designed team-building events that capitalise on London’s prominent position.

The choice for team-building activities in and around London is quite literally overwhelming. So to help you with your choice, we’ve picked the best of the bunch and segmented them by size and budget to provide a highly comprehensive guide. The range of activities on offer ensures that there is something for every company, whether it be elegant and relaxing, playful and competitive, prudently budgeted or an indulgent celebration. So if you’re located in or around the capital and are looking for a wide array of team building ideas in London for all budgets and head counts, look no further than our carefully constructed guide below.

The filter system below is segmented by budget per person and size of the group wishing to undertake the activity. The budgets are split into ‘Small’ – less than £30 per person, ‘Medium’ – between £30 and £150 per person, and ‘Large’ – £150 + per person. The sizes are split into ‘Small’ – less than 10 people, ‘Medium’ – between 10 and 30 people, and ‘Large’ – 30 people +. For tailored results, make sure to use to a combination of each filter to find the perfect team building activity for your situation.

  • City Explorer

    This trivia-based event tests your team’s knowledge of local history and culture, posing a series of questions and clues that will guide your team around the city and test their competitive streak. Armed with just a tablet or smartphone, each event is unique to the location you’re visiting, offering a wealth of knowledge, exploration and plenty of opportunities to show off your trivia. To get you started, the area of Piccadilly derives its name from the wide, decorated collar called the piccadill that made the tailor Robert Baker very rich, so rich that when he bought a fancy house in the area it was dubbed Piccadilly House. Source.

    Find out more about this event by calling 0843 636 8781
  • Circus Skills Workshop

    Adrenaline, highs and lows, risks and safety nets – nothing is more comparable to the world of business than the circus. As a team, learn skills such as the trapeze, acrobalance and juggling to develop the key qualities of trust, focus and courage that will take your office’s performance to new heights. The circus was originally a space to show off highly-trained animals, but the nouveau cirque movement in the 1970s revived the circus tradition by expanding on the human-based skills and spectacles. Source.

  • Tour of Fuller's Brewery

    There’s something for everyone in a tour of the world-renowned Fuller’s Brewery, whether it’s history, an insight into ale-making or just some good quality sampling. Through an in-depth exploration of the famous brewery, you will uncover fascinating truths about one of Britain’s oldest crafts, and no doubt learn more about one another’s amusing histories along the way. A tour of Fuller’s Griffin Brewery will also include a sighting of the oldest wisteria plant in the United Kingdom, planted there in the early nineteenth century. Source.

  • Grafitti Workshop

    Strengthen the creative spirit within with a liberating session of graffiti art. With no special skills required, this workshop provides an outlet for experimentation and expression as you learn simple, effective street art techniques from legendary street artists, with the opportunity to take home your very own graffitied canvas. As well as artistic satisfaction, you will discover more about your team’s visions as you share ideas and expertise. It’s also worth noting that the most expensive Banksy artwork sold for $1,700,000 at a Sotheby’s Charity auction in 2008. Source.

  • Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt

    Like a dramatised pub quiz, test your trivia and learn peculiar facts about a city whilst you literally walk its famous streets on this pub crawl treasure hunt. Answer questions, locate legendary scenery and generate a unique sense of camaraderie in your team as you celebrate your joint success in local pubs along the way. If you’re lucky enough to come across The Red Lion on Great Windmill Street in London, then you are drinking in the very same house that Karl Marx drafted the Communist Manifesto. Source.

    Find out more about this event by calling 0843 636 8781
  • Amphibious Vehicle Tour of London

    What better way to become more acquainted with the United Kingdom’s capital city than from both land and water! See London’s most prestigious landmarks as you traverse its famous streets, taking in everything from the London Eye to Buckingham Palace, before taking to its mighty waterway and viewing the city from the Thames. In some winters between the 17th and 19th centuries, the Thames froze over and Frost Fairs would be held on the ice, with sleds, bull-baiting, horse and coach races and puppet shows a small example of the festivities on offer. Source.

  • Bavarian Beerhouse Night Out

    Get to grips with another culture in this authentic German experience in the heart of London. With shots of Jagermeister, steins of German beer, nibbles and live entertainment, your team can go on a journey to another land where jokes and entertainment know no bounds. Did you know, a popular misconception is that the Jagermeister logo is merely a symbolic representation of the phrase ‘Oh, dear God’ however, it actually uses the legendary stag that converted a German hunter (who later became the patron saint of hunting) into a Christian as the main icon?

  • Double Decker Tea-Party Bus

    Take in the glory of London’s classy heritage with an afternoon tea on a vintage London bus-ride around the capital city’s royal and parliamentary districts. In true English style, fill up on sandwiches, pastries, scones and tea as you get to know one another better amongst the wonder of stately London. Samuel Pepys boosted tea’s reputation when he wrote, in 1660, ‘I did send for a cup of tea, (a China drink) of which I had never drunk before.’ Source.

  • Volunteering/Community Service

    Pool your team’s local knowledge and cultural concern into a collaborative, team-building project that will enhance both the local community and company morale. By addressing community needs, your company’s image will improve along with general positivity and goodwill that will transform colleague relations. A study in 2013 revealed that 59% of consumers would go out of their way to say something positive about companies they see as being good corporate citizens, as opposed to just 23% for companies perceived as weak in this area. Source.

  • Black Cab Treasure Hunt

    Join forces with one of London’s wisest and most quick-witted of inhabitants as you explore the city from the comfort of a black cab. Compete against each other and the clock as you answer questions, complete photo and video challenges and build a team force to be reckoned with. Black cabs could soon be a thing of past, however: in 2015, any four black cab drivers paid more tax than the entirety of Uber’s workforce. Source.

    Find out more about this event by calling 0843 636 8781
  • Cocktail Making

    What better way to compliment a streamlined business than with an assortment of classic cocktails. Learn the history and stories behind the world’s most prestigious drinking trade as your team is taught the ins and outs of cocktail making from a master mixer. Whoever makes the best Old Fashioned will win bragging rights for a month. The word cocktail was first defined in 1806 as “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters, vulgarly called a bittered sling.” Source

  • Champagne and Nibbles on The London Eye

    Take in the wonder of London’s stunning sprawl from your own private pod on the London Eye. Share a rotation of the world-famous attraction with your team in complete privacy as you view the uncut beauty of Britain’s capital city, with champagne and canapés to compliment the experience. Cleverly designed, the London Eye has thirty-two pods, one for each borough of Greater London. For the superstitious, though, they are numbered 1-33: there is no number 13! Source.

  • Go-Karting

    Indulge the competitive streaks in your team with a session of go-karting in the heart of London. Multiple levels, hairpin bends and open straights test the endurance and agility of your team as inhibitions and fears are thrown out of the kart whilst reaching speeds of up to 40 MPH. A sneaky tip: the secret to speed is not how fast you enter a corner, but how fast you exit it! Source.

  • Vintage Bus Challenge

    Take the city trivia challenge to another level by traveling around London on a restored vintage Routemaster bus. Pool your entire team’s knowledge together and travel around either the West End or City of London answering questions and cracking clues as certain significant stops are made along the way. This is a highly interactive, social event, bringing the whole team together with a thrilling quest. An icon of London heritage, the Routemaster bus was the envy of other countries. You can find the bus in service in many other countries including Australia, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia and Malaysia to name a few. Source.

    Find out more about this event by calling 0843 636 8781
  • London Zoo 'I'm a Celebrity' Challenge

    Suss out the survivors from the wusses in this treasure hunt with a twist. Set within 36 acres of zoological gardens, your team has to solve clues and complete challenges to find the locked treasure chest hidden amongst some of the rarest animals on the planet. This will develop your team’s cooperative skills as well as distinguishing the talkers from the walkers. You will be stepping on highly prized turf, for London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. Source.

  • Paintballing Outdoors

    Unite your business under the pressure of warfare in this ultimate team-building event. With many different locations to choose from, each equipped with high spec game zones and facilities, take your team out for a day of adventure and adrenalin-charged fun whilst developing key strategy skills, cooperative abilities and leadership. There are many locations in and around London that utilise ex-military sites for unique scenarios, adding a sense of authenticity to the programme. Paintballing was invented by a body-builder and his friends as a way of testing survival skills in a combat or outdoor situation. Source.

  • Bavarian Beerhouse Corporate Food and Drink Package

    Enjoy exclusive service and a feast of Bavarian food and drinks in this generous package deal. In the surroundings of a traditional Bavarian beerhouse, your team can reconnect and de-stress as waiters in traditional Bavarian dress tend to their needs. This well-organised night-out will create memories of good will and merriment that can withstand any professional challenge. Whilst indulging, it’s good to know that beer is higher in protein and vitamin B than wine, and it also contains iron, calcium, phosphates and fibre. Source(s).

  • Chocolate Making Course

    Let that creative, team spirit shine with an indulgent chocolate making workshop. Under guidance from master chocolatiers, learn how to make simple but stunning truffles, helping and guiding each other to success, and then exercise that creative streak as you decorate with a variety of handmade adornments. Despite chocolate originating in the Americas, today roughly two-thirds of the world’s cocoa is produced in Western Africa. Source.

  • Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

    Give your workforce an experience to remember with a helicopter tour of London, soaring above the rooftops of the capital city in this unique adventure. In under thirty minutes, you will fly from west to east London, with the River Thames as your guide. This awe-inspiring experience will give your team something powerful to remember, as they view the everyday from a new, loftier perspective. Take in everything from Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens to Buckingham Palace to the Shard, which, at 1,016 feet high, is the second tallest building the European Union. Source.

  • Michelin Star Chef Cooking Experience

    Learn the secret of enduring focus and enthusiasm from master chef, Michel Roux JR. Balance precision, technique and quick-wit with positivity and laughter in this rare and insightful opportunity. As a top-quality three-course meal is made, your team will discover the value of goodwill and serenity in a high-pressured environment. As you’re put through the paces of Michelin star cooking, bare in mind that Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants have amassed a total of 16 Michelin stars! Source.

  • London Eye Fine Dining Experience

    Pamper your team with top-class exclusivity by riding one of London’s most famous attractions after hours. With a champagne reception in the County Hall and a three-course gourmet meal to follow, this spectacular event offers a rare opportunity to view London from on high at night. At 443 ft high, the London Eye is the fourth largest Ferris wheel in the world. Source.

  • VIP Thames Tall Ship Cruise

    Discover London’s maritime majesty from the decks of a traditionally-rigged tall ship. Embark from the Royal Arsenal Pier and sail past Cutty Sark, Canary Wharf and the Old Royal Naval College before returning after Tower Bridge, all whilst enjoying a lavish dinner buffet. This rare opportunity provides an exotic break for your team, in which you can all pretend you’re sailing out of ye olde days. In lieu of building team relationships, there is an annual event called the Tall Ships Races designed to bring trainee cadets and hardy seamen together in friendly competition. Source.

  • London Eye Champagne and Canapés

    Treat your team to two full rotations of the London Eye in your own private pod with in-capsule host, Pommery Brut Royal Champagne and a 120 piece canapé selection. Like the view, the menu is seasonal, offering the highest-quality refreshments to compliment the glamour of this truly exclusive party. The operators of the Eye keep track of their famous clientele, and rumour has it Kate Moss is the Eye’s biggest British celebrity fan, with a current record of 25 spins. Source.

  • Power Boat along The Thames

    Inject some fire and adrenaline into your business through a private speedboat session along the Thames. Fly over the water as you experience more of London’s sights in one hour than you ever would on two feet, taking in the eminent towers of Canary Wharf and the powerful glass walls of London’s Secret Intelligence Service. This ride will thrill and empower your diligent team. You can pretend you’re a spy with the inside fact that Mi5 is colloquially known as Box 500 within the civil service community after its official wartime address, PO Box 500. Source.

  • Dinner and Cruise along The Thames

    Experience London from its most ancient of entry roads, the River Thames. Escape the crowds on land and take in the buildings that first founded the capital city. This peaceful and indulgent evening includes a long cruise past the river’s hotspots and a sumptuous dinner, replenishing fatigued workers and uniting your team in a luxurious atmosphere. As you reflect on London’s ancient waterway, imagine the hustle and bustle on the river in the 16th century, when London’ quickly established itself as the world’s foremost trading port. Source.

  • Harry Potter Studio Tour and Banquet

    Show your company how creative teamwork can create magic in this fascinating Harry Potter studio tour. With broomstick rides, spellbinding secrets and plenty of butterbeer, your team’s inner playfulness and imagination will be indulged to no end. At the end of this magical adventure, a banquet will be laid on for your team in true Hogwarts style. To tease your curiosity, many of the books that cover the walls of Dumbledore’s office in the films are actually telephone directories bound in leather. Source.

  • Tower of London 'Banqueting Suite'

    Take your team to one of London’s mightiest buildings and indulge them with a conquerer-worthy feast. In one of the many historic rooms, many of which were personally used by Britain’s great monarchies, you will be treated to an extravagant feast by the Tower’s in-house chefs, or you can hire the kitchen out for your own use. As your company restores its strength in this historic castle, the majesty of its great founding during the Norman Conquest will seep into their veins and empower your company’s performance. You can even visit its prison cells, which held prisoners such as the Kray Twins in 1952. Source.

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