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  • Client: BearingPoint
  • Event Location: Chelsea FC, Vialli Suite
  • Event Theme: The Pitch


Business and Technology consulting firm BearingPoint wanted to create an interactive and experiential event for their core team of Analysts and Consultants.

The primary objective of the day was to support the team’s development across core competencies, whilst providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit, think independently, show their creativity and come up with new, inspiring ideas.

The second objective was to have, at the end of the one day event, a technology solution for the team to take to the organisation’s Partners, with a view to it being developed in the future.


Split into teams of 5, the group of 25 individuals were tasked with completing The Pitch challenge. This involved answering a series of questions, tasks, and challenges and required teams to plan, develop, and produce a product prototype, factoring in every element of a business including, marketing, finance and Product Development. BearingPoint’s brief was slightly different though and the outcome was not to develop a physical product, but rather produce an infographic detailing a technology solution.

The event was spread across a full day and took place at Chelsea FC. Following an event briefing from the Wildgoose team, teams set about completing the challenge whilst being observed by the senior team.

Teams had been agreed by the management team ahead of the event to ensure a good mix and to test how some relationships would work when tasked with a challenge like this!

The first task for the teams was to select one of three product categories – these were:

1. An app or online tool to increase the efficiency of day-to-day project delivery
2. A social media site to help us to connect with students and support recruitment
3. An innovative new service based on recent project experience

They were then required to appoint individuals from within their groups to head up their ‘departments’ (Finance, Product Development and Marketing) to then go on and plan, create and develop their tech solution product.

The content of the challenge was designed and created in close partnership with the client. BearingPoint’s company values were incorporated and considered during the design process and referenced within many of the questions and tasks, which meant that they were subtly reinforced to the teams.

BearingPoint was keen to see how the teams would work under pressure and so some curveball tasks and questions were added. This enabled the managers to see certain character traits by monitoring how teams reacted and then responded.

For example:

Unexpected Leadership role changes – Halfway through the day, after teams had nominated job roles, our event facilitators announced that a variety of the roles would be swapped around. This included Finance Directors swapping roles with the Project Managers. This curveball challenge tested the team’s ability to deal with change.

The final task of the day was for the teams to ‘pitch’ their technology solution idea, presented as an infographic to the senior managers and the rest of the group. Each team, together with the managers voted for the best idea. Finally, the winner was announced. This team would then be taking their idea to present to the partners following the event.


A highly engaged, enthusiastic team. All of whom interacted with their team members and their senior managers – asking questions, seeking advice and guidance along the way. The process of creating the final tech solution, took the teams through a series of tasks and questions – with many challenges along the way – and each group worked through this efficiently, seriously and productively – resulting in a number of high quality technology solution ideas.


BearingPoint appointed Wildgoose to design the activities for our annual Core Consulting Team away day with the theme of Entrepreneurial. We were impressed by the focus that Wildgoose made on working collaboratively with us on the planning. Building on “The Pitch”, Wildgoose worked with us to design a truly personalised event that aligned with our brand and company values.

The day itself was a great success and delivered the right balance of fun and productivity. The facilitators made every effort to ensure the activities progressed at the right pace and that the team were individually engaged and actively participating.

We will definitely look to WildGoose to support future events.

Alistair McKelvie - Manager

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