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Graduate Development Programme

  • Client: Direct Line Group
  • Event Location: Bromley, London
  • Event Theme: Graduate Development Programme


After delivering a hugely successful induction event for the 2016 DLG graduates we were invited to design and deliver a series of development programmes for the cohort; focusing on three specific areas: personal leadership, presenting and influencing, and creative problem-solving.

Working closely with the HR department at DLG we conducted interviews and ran focus groups to discover the precise learning needs of the group as a whole and for individual development.  

Our findings uncovered a real desire to develop more assertive, accountable and influential future leaders who will challenge and revolutionise insurance for DLG. The business rationale for this development was to create a platform for future talent to shine and for them to demonstrate the value they bring to their functions and for the broader business.


Identifying the purpose of the whole development programme, we designed three two-day learning events that combined technology-driven gamification with story, theory, facilitated discussion and skillful goal-setting. Our aim was to raise self-awareness, build confidence and teach practical skills that will enable the graduates to function and thrive within the organisation.

Leading Self – A unique exploration into emotional intelligence, assertiveness and the why, what, who and how of the individual.

This highly experiential programme enabled learning in these areas:

  • Personal Branding and USP
  • Purpose and understanding your why
  • Adult communication and assertiveness
  • Emotional intelligence and managing emotions
  • Motivation and Goal setting
  • Creating a compelling personal story

Presenting and Influencing – The chance to develop a natural authentic influencing and presenting style that can have impact on any audience.

This highly immersive programme enabled learning in these areas:

  • Engaging with any audience
  • Presenting with purpose, passion, personality and presence
  • Creating compelling, engaging and memorable presentations
  • Storytelling
  • Preparation and coping with nerves
  • Impact, influence and improvisation

Creative Problem Solving – Designed to help future leaders become enablers of positive change and build an innovative and creative problem solving tool kit.

This highly experiential programme enabled learning in these areas:

  • Psychological safety
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Divergent and convergent thinking
  • Reframing
  • Outcome based thinking versus problem based thinking
  • Six thinking hats
  • Application to help future business


The response and engagement of the participants throughout the three programmes was incredible. There was a real desire from them to understand more, and the balance between purposeful play and challenge enabled an effective learning environment. There was clear observable improvement in every area. It was evident that the cohort had gained key learning by demonstrating development in self leadership, presenting, influencing and problem solving by delivering a business improvement solution as part of the final set challenge.

I believe that the 3 workshops held by Wildgoose for the DLG graduates over the course of a few months has had the impact that the business wanted. I can only speak for myself when I say I feel more confident in my own abilities to influence, present, solve problems, work together and make a difference in my own team and the wider business. Wildgoose and more specifically Jim, Nick and Sean have brought out potential in me that I didn’t know was there. I truly believe I can do anything I put my mind to; a lot of that is to do with their belief in me as an individual. I found myself eagerly waiting at every opportunity to hear their feedback in order to try and make improvements for next time. In all the companies and roles I have ever worked in this has been the most fun, interactive, inspiring and beneficial training I have ever participated in. I would highly recommend Wildgoose to colleagues, friends and family who were looking for something like this. The guys are very funny, open minded, personable and supportive. They bring examples to life and use games to add a fun element. They just ask that you are open to being interactive and don’t take yourself too seriously. I have thoroughly enjoyed each workshop with them and hope to be able to take part in more in the future.

Ore-ofe Adegbenro - A very fortunate Graduate at DLG
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