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Orbit Group Case Study

  • Client: Orbit Group
  • Event Location: Coventry
  • Event Theme: Customised Learning & Development


Orbit required an engaging and interactive event to form part of a Learning and Development day designed to help improve communications between their IT and Project Management departments. The key objectives of the day were to understand the characteristics of an effective team; explore their own personality characteristics, ensure they were conversing appropriately, working efficiently and in harmony. We were tasked with designing an experiential event to help the two teams better understand one another that incorporated challenges linked to Belbin – a personality profiling tool that the team had completed ahead of the training day.


We created a fully customised challenge that featured tailored content in line with the objectives of the day. Teams were able to practically explore the nine different Belbin team roles through a variety of tasks, questions and challenges, whilst  engaging with their colleagues and exploring Coventry. In the lead up to the event, our dedicated operations team and facilitator worked closely with the client and their own facilitators to design an event that worked seamlessly with the Belbin personality profiling tool and complemented their learning and development objectives.

The format of the day was a combination of classroom learning and practical gameplay. Following a session in the morning, exploring the nine Belbin team roles, Wildgoose provided an uplifting event briefing, before the teams headed out to complete their challenge. Using tablets, teams navigated their way around a map of Coventry completing a range of tasks designed to reinforce and highlight team roles and personality characteristics. There were also questions and trivia about the local area.

Examples of tasks and challenges included:

  • Role play video challenge – teams were tasked with recording themselves acting out the nine different Belbin roles via our in-app video feature. By gamifying this process it not only made the experience immersive and engaging, but helped to drive home the importance of having a varied mix of personalities within a team, and how best to communicate with each other.
  • The Marshmallow Activity – this task aimed to assess the participants understanding of the concept of convergent and divergent thinking – a theory coined by Joy Paul Guilford. Teams had to come up with as many uses as possible for a marshmallow – not only was the task immersive and entertaining – team members used the  freetype response feature of the Wildgoose app to input answers, which provided content for the management team to analyse.
  • The Lifeboat Activity – the purpose of this activity was to initiate discussion about differing personality traits. Teams had to agree how to fill the imaginary ‘lifeboats’ using each of the nine Belbin roles by reading descriptions about each abstract character. This challenge not only further cemented the Belbin behavioural traits, but also showcased how emotions can affect decision making and negotiation.


After the teams had returned from playing the customised challenge, they participated in a post event classroom session hosted by our Learning and Development facilitator. Using story, humour and intrigue, key learning and development theories were presented including a discussion about how we learn; reflection of the key challenges and playback of the role-play videos, whereby delegates had to guess which one of the nine Belbin behaviours were being acted out.


As a result of the experiential experience, an open discussion about the current workplace issues ensued. Participants respectfully broached their views and opinions on why they believed there were issues with time management and workload balance and agreed on what could be done to counteract this. Our interactive app combined with practical gameplay and facilitated classroom learning meant that each delegate really got to grips with the nine varying Belbin roles, resulting in a better understanding of their colleagues work personality profiles and temperaments.

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