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Human Recognition Systems

  • Client: Human Recognition Systems
  • Event Location: Crown Plaza Liverpool
  • Event Theme: Hunt The Apprentice Challenge

Human Recognition Systems approached us to provide a fun and engaging team building element to their conference and away day. The focus of their event was based on the fact that they are changing their business model from a “Project Business” to a “Product Business”. The client opted for our brand new Hunt The Apprentice Challenge, which encourages teams to create a product to pitch and sell, fitting perfectly with the key conference message: “Product is the focus of everything we do”.

The Wildgoose Hunt The Apprentice Challenge provided the perfect solution to the client’s brief as it challenged teams to create a marketing plan and prototype for a product of their choice. All challenges within the game were product focused and encouraged teams to think about every element of the process – from creative design right through to their target market. Hunt The Apprentice is a great challenge to host indoors, however it can also be delivered with a GPS outdoor format, which is what Wildgoose delivered for Human Recognition Systems. Incorporating some outdoor activity into the challenge gave teams the opportunity to explore the city and encouraged them to engage with heir surroundings and use them for inspiration. To instigate this further, all consumer research challenges were placed in a high street location; financial forecasting was located in a quiet area and all creative advertising challenges were positioned around the lively Albert Dock.


After an initial briefing, the first task for groups was to identify each others strengths by delegating key roles within their team. Once roles were assigned, teams headed out into the surrounding Liverpool Docks area to complete the first set of challenges relating to building their brand. These included logo design, creating a jingle and a strapline for their product. Teams were then tasked with conducting some consumer research and carrying out financial forecasting before completing the marketing and creative tasks. These final challenges involved filming an advert and creating a prototype of their product using the materials in their bag, along with anything else they were able to scavenge throughout the day!

The event was excellent, it was clear that everyone had enjoyed themselves and gave everyone the chance to bond with people they don’t necessarily engage with on a day to day basis. The highlight was seeing how the teams worked together, and also looking at all the pictures and watching the videos at the end.

Rebecca Turner - HR Assistant & Exectutive PA at Human Recognition Systems

Fun bonus challenges were available along the way, providing teams with the opportunity to score extra points and the chance to invest points in another company (team). At the end of the event, the three teams at the top of the scoreboard were invited to pitch their product to the rest of the group. Using their iPads, the group then used the technology within the Wildgoose app to vote for their favourite team. The challenge not only provided funny and creative photos and videos to share with the group at the end of the event, but also each team’s research, role delegation and product feedback was collated by the Event Manager and shared with the rest of the group.

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