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KP Snacks Case Study

  • Client: KP Snacks
  • Event Location: Manchester Principal Hotel
  • Event Theme: Tribal Instincts & Spy School Quiz


KP Snacks – home to some of the most iconic British snack brands, were seeking an interactive team building challenge to encourage their development team to collaborate, connect and communicate in order to ‘achieve together.’ The 30 participants would be taking part in two separate activities, one during the day and one in the evening each centred around the company’s four key values.


Wildgoose provided two unique and engaging team challenges, our Tribal Instincts challenge, during the day and our Spy School themed quiz during dinner in the evening. We worked closely with the client to gather information to include within the Tribal Instincts game, enabling us to create content around their values:

  1. We have a positive attitude
  2. We value our people
  3. We achieve together
  4. We take personal ownership

To kickstart the day, teams were split into groups of three and four and took to the streets of Manchester to complete our Tribal Instincts challenge. Packed full of fun, engaging content including trivia, photo and video challenges and utilising the apps inter-team messaging, and feedback steps, teams were required to work collaboratively in order to succeed. The teams were able to monitor each other throughout the event using our interactive game screens. This helped to facilitate collaboration and enabled the participants to find other teams and ask for help in solving particular challenges.

An example challenge from the day included:

// ‘War Cry’ – Each team had to locate another tribe and record themselves creating a Zulu ‘war cry’ to scare aware the Rogue Tribe. This video challenge helped teams come together and collaborate whilst engaging in a fun video challenge, that definitely resulted in some entertaining wrap up content at the end of the day!

// ‘Defying Gravity’ – To complete this task successfully, the teams had to find an ‘opposing’ tribe – The Moonrunners – and take a group photo of both teams ‘defying gravity’. This challenge encouraged teams to work together and communicate.

As part of the wrap up, we incorporated a ‘group reflection’ activity, complementing KP Snacks’ existing learning culture of: ‘do, reflect, learn.’ Teams were given back their iPads, and completed feedback steps that focussed on how well they worked with other teams; how well they collaborated with those outside of their teams, and what they will do differently in the future. This was an integral part of the day and provided tangible feedback for the client.

In the evening, teams participated in our Spy School themed quiz at Manchester’s Principal Hotel. In contrast to the collaborative focus of the morning activity, teams were required to compete whilst solving clues, answering questions and completing tasks to earn points and ultimately reach the top of the scoreboard! With a murder mystery element and a competitive edge to the game, it was the perfect ice breaker. Played during dinner and in between courses it meant that the team could mingle and get to know each other in a unique, fun way, whilst remaining low-key enough to not disrupt the dinner.


Due to the collaborative and interactive nature of our Tribal Instincts challenge, participants were able to put into practice skills and techniques that enabled them to demonstrate the value of working together to ‘achieve together’. The bespoke nature of the event also reinforced KP Snacks’ key company values and beliefs in an interactive and engaging way. With plenty of feedback, the activities provided the client with measurable outcomes and unique insight to reference in the future.

Thank you so much for organising a fantastic day in Manchester to help our team develop our collaboration skills! The tasks were perfectly tailored to fit our brief & the staff were brilliant from the first conversations to facilitating the event on the day. We have had so much positive feedback, everyone wished that it could have gone on for longer! We would definitely recommend Wildgoose to anyone.

KP Snacks - Vicky Watson
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