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Laureate International Universities Case Study

  • Client: Laureate Education
  • Event Location: Mexico City
  • Event Theme: Escape Game (multilingual)


Wildgoose had been in talks with Laureate for some time after being approached by the organization to explore ways of incorporating gamification into their student programs.

The multilingual versatility of our app meant that we could develop integrated program activations in 15 different languages lending itself perfectly to their educational institutions with many of their students and faculty members primarily Spanish speaking.

With a group of 90 faculty members joining together for the first time in Mexico City in July, the organization required a challenging indoor icebreaking activity designed to engage and energize, while demonstrating ways that technology could be used to gamify learning. The group was a mix of Spanish and English speaking, requiring the activity to be presented in both English or Spanish depending on the team.


After discussing the objectives and logistics of the session with the program leads at Laureate, we recommended that our unique ‘virtual escape’ concept be a perfect fit for this brief.

Our unique gameplay takes the popular ‘escape room’ concept and digitalizes it for a mobile and limitless attendee escape experience.

Using interactive game screens, augmented reality, image recognition and challenging cryptic puzzles, teams advanced through the levels by deciphering codes to unlock new features and progress further through the virtual game screens showing the inside of rooms, drawers and computer files. The fastest team to ‘escape’ and complete the game within 1 hour were announced as the winners.

The activity was fully managed by our experienced multilingual facilitators with each team equipped with an iPad fully loaded with the unique game in their desired language setting.

The event took place in one room of the conference venue and was tailored to last just 1.5 hours from briefing to wrap up, fitting in perfectly with the ‘icebreaker’ time frame in the program’s schedule.

One team was so engaged they refused to give back the iPad until they had ‘escaped’!


The activity was a perfect fit for this group with teams becoming engaged and absorbed in the game from the off enjoying the ‘against the clock’, high-energy competition.

Based on the success of the activity and great feedback from participants, the organization have gone on to license the Wildgoose app and have a unique ‘Escape Game’ concept designed for their own campus for all students, both remote and on site.

I found the Escape Game very captivating! Through different challenges, we were compelled to solve different tasks, some of them requiring discussion and group work. The game is alluring to me because it resembles what I do every day in my work: solve complex issues and move to the next stage.

El juego de escape capturó la atención de todos los participantes; motivó a los participantes a buscar información en internet para resolver los retos planteados y generó discusión y debate.

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