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A Leading Financial Organisation

  • Event Location: Carden Park, Cheshire
  • Event Theme: Learning & Development


A leading financial organisation approached Wildgoose to support them as part of their End of Year Recognition programme. This brings together each of the departments from the bank’s Milton Keynes office to recognise their contribution and commitment. Whilst the organisers wanted to celebrate the success of the team, they wanted to include key learning and development outcomes, which would highlight their core values and behaviours; promote creativity and innovation; encourage collaborative working practises, and unite the team.


Working closely with the organisation, Wildgoose created a bespoke solution using their interactive app and facilitators which provided a practical, immersive and engaging platform to communicate the key learning outcomes for the team to take away and then incorporate into their daily working lives.



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On the day of the event, 175 colleagues were divided into 35 teams. A briefing designed to generate intrigue amongst the group was delivered by our facilitator. This was purposefully short, with limited detail about the anticipated overall learning and development objectives, in order to ensure the challenge ahead was completed honestly and authentically.

The company’s values and behaviours, which included: ‘Embrace Change’ and ‘Talking Straight’ were incorporated into a series of tasks and challenges. These involved the teams working together recording videos, taking photos and completing free-type, feedback answers to questions through the app. This provided immediate insight into their overall understanding of these values and behaviours.


To measure and evaluate the success of the day and to ensure that the learning and development outcomes had been met, each team was required to make a series of commitments based on what they had learnt during the day. Led by a facilitated, group discussion, the teams were required to devise clear action plans around how they would do things differently and to demonstrate the benefits of working together as one team in the future.  

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