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A Leading Pharmaceuticals Company Case Study

  • Event Theme: Venue Explorer


Our partner at Ignite, a Performance Development company, contacted us with a brief for a conference with a group of 120 Senior Management personnel working for a well known pharmaceuticals company. With the event bringing together teams from a range of different countries within the northern European cluster – it was the first of its kind for the organisation.

The conference, aptly called ‘One Cluster’ took place within the  grounds of the Savill Court hotel in Windsor. The three day event set out to inform and share information with participants across a variety of topics including: best ways of working together, identifying key decision makers structuring sales strategy.

Wildgoose were tasked with incorporating a training element into a fun activity, which was to take place on the final day of the conference. To support the overall objective of the conference, the focus for the challenge was based on learning and development and collaboration.


In partnership with the event facilitator from Ignite,  the Wildgoose Venue Explorer was used to develop a bespoke challenge. Incorporating both the space inside the hotel and the grounds outside the challenge was developed to encourage teams to get moving, interact and use their creativity to complete tasks, questions and challenges.

The content within the Venue Explorer, included a variety of  photo and video challenges, questions and tasks which were designed around the word CLUSTER. The team at Ignite, had given each letter a corresponding word based on key behaviours required for individuals to come together as a team and collaborate. Here are some examples of the challenges and tasks created…

U = Understand
The aim of this was for colleagues to better understand their team members. Using our voting functionality they were required to identify the key characteristics of team members. They also had to create their own optical illusions to test their power of perception.

E = Empathy
This challenge set out to encourage empathy and an understanding of other people’s perspective. Teams were tasked with composing a poem to try and illustrate this.
Here’s an example of their creative writing:

There once was a team who were trying their best
They banded together and faced every test
Their points were low but they had each other now
at least they had friends within the cluster!

R = Rapport
This part of the challenge was designed to actively build rapport, share information and take time to get to know others. Teams were tasked with recreating and videoing a first date scene as well as revealing a secret about themselves and shooting a video of the secret being revealed.


As a result of the conference and challenges powered by Wildgoose, the company were able to reinforce key messages from the activity and use the feedback generated from the conference as key learning tools for the future. As well as this, the challenges enabled employees to get to know each other in a corporate yet engaging, fun setting.

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