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High Performing Teams

A highly interactive and experiential 1-day programme designed to help leaders build, lead and sustain high performing teams

Understanding the natural process of team development and knowing how to nurture and sustain a high performing team are skills which define the success of a leader throughout their career, allowing them to have a transformational effect on those they work with.

Getting teams right is an art and as with any art, practice makes perfect. We bring our practice and team building expertise to you in this unique and engaging learning & development experience, giving your leaders the tools they need to build and lead high performance teamwork.

Combining our GPS technology and image recognition functionality with inspired content we explore and examine the nature of teamwork using the framework of the Forming Storming Norming Performing model of team development. We also identify the behaviours and processes for developing and motivating high performing teams to help leaders flex their leadership style appropriately.

This immersive activity brings the theory of team development to life; highlighting the need for collaboration and celebrating the power of teamwork. Drawing out insights and learning outcomes we help delegates bring out the best in themselves as well as those around them.


High Performing Teams


What will you learn?

  • The mechanisms for building and sustaining high performing teams through Tuckman’s Forming Storming Norming Performing Model of Team Development
  • How to identify and implement the behaviours and processes for leading and managing high performing teams
  • How to flex your leadership style according to the maturity and development of the team
  • Personal development needs to build leadership capability
  • Enhanced ability to inspire and influence
Bringing Out the Best in People!

Empowering teams to work more productively

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