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Angry Birds Land

  • Client: Thorpe Park
  • Event Location: Thorpe Park
  • Event Theme: Bespoke, Brand Activation


Wildgoose were approached by Thorpe Park theme park, who were looking for an immersive brand activation activity that would help promote the launch of their new attraction ‘Angry Birds Land’. The activity would need to immerse members of the public and bring the world of Angry Birds to life, whilst also acting as a fun Easter activity running over one of the theme parks busiest times, Easter Bank Holiday weekend.


Running the activity over the busy Easter weekend presented the biggest logistical challenge. With the activity being completely open to the public, we were unable to predict how many people would be taking part each day, and how many devices we would need to supply. It was decided that the four day activity would be run as a ‘self-run’ where teams play on their own devices by downloading the mobile adventures app and scanning the QR code provided. This meant that there were no restrictions on the number of people who could join the event.

Due to the broad demographic of visitors that visit Thorpe Park, the activity needed to be suitable for all ages. The game itself was made up of seven hotspots, dropped into a live map of the theme park.

Each hotspot contained a fun, immersive easter or Angry Birds themed challenge for teams to complete; including fun multimedia questions, timed tasks and multiple choice challenges. Large model Angry Birds were also hidden around the park for teams to locate, helping to make the activity more experiential and blurring the lines between virtual and reality.

It was decided that the team position and leaderboard features would be removed from the challenge. This was partly to keep the game as user friendly as possible, but also presented the opportunity for the leaderboard to be live streamed and published every day on Thorpe Park’s social media channels – helping to build momentum and give the game a fun, competitive edge.

Feedback steps were also built into the game to gather feedback not only on the game itself but also capture vital customer feedback for Thorpe Park on their customers.

As an incentive to encourage people to take part, each team was given the opportunity to get their hands on an easter egg by completing the game and redeeming a code, which they could then take to the dome and exchange for their prize. There were over 5000 easter eggs up for grabs, which were stacked up in the dome near the entrance of the park, this acted as a visual driver to encourage people to play the game. Additionally, members of the Wildgoose team were on hand across the four days handing out flyers, to promote the activity and assist with any technical questions. Posters were also put up around the park promoting both the paper and app-based versions of the easter egg hunt.


The app was downloaded over 500 times, with around 75% of those downloads resulting in the game being played. The feedback gathered through the app showed that people enjoyed the physicality of locating the Angry Birds and using the app to way find and answer the questions. When participants were asked how they rated the activity out of 5, comments included “5! We didn’t know what to expect and enjoyed every minute. thankfully the questions weren’t hard either. great easter activity”. In addition, vital feedback for Thorpe Park was gathered through the app, highlighting what works well at the park and areas for improvement. This provided valuable customer insight for the client on how to enhance their customer experience.

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