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Energize Shropshire

  • Client: Energise Shropshire
  • Event Location: Telford, Shropshire
  • Event Theme: License


“4/5 young people (5-15) are not active enough” “Children tend to be more active when their parents themselves are more active” – Sport England



Many of the opportunities available to families don’t encourage the whole family to be active together, and being active outdoors can be a challenge if you don’t know where to go or how to make it engaging for the whole family. Energize in partnership with Telford Town Park set about trying to engage families across the region in being active as a whole family using the Wildgoose platform which we have branded locally as Active Adventures.


The three week Go Wild Active Adventure provided families with a free, easy and accessible scavenger hunt that was designed using the Wildgoose platform. Energize in partnership with Telford Town Park designed the game which users could download to their phones after scanning a code on posters in the park or via a code from Energize’s webpage. Following the instructions on their phones, users would have to track down a series of “hotspots” and then complete a number of active challenges, including video and photo challenges.

The Go Wild game involved eight “hotspots”taking families around a 3km loop, which involved taking selfies, answering questions and recording videos of themselves doing active challenges; such as recreating your best frog hopping impression. Most “hotspots” had a wildlife or heritage focus, allowing users to learn more about the park as they navigated around. Some questions also provided information on local opportunities to be active such as Telford parkrun, junior parkrun, angling and active volunteering, such a gardening. The game also enabled Energize to capture information about the families usual active habits, to help us start to understand more about families.

Users discovered information about local heritage sites such as the Silkin Way and Stirchley Chimney as well as about local wildlife.The game also tested people’s understanding of how active they should be to gain health benefits. Prizes and discount codes were provided to participants in partnership with local events such as Telfood Feastival.


The Wildgoose platform allowed Energize and Telford Town Park to monitor usage, see feedback from users and monitor the use of the app in real time. This allowed us to see what marketing was working and how people were engaging with the game.

Active adventures are planned to be rolled out across the year at Telford Town park including the Halloween Spooky active adventure. If you would like to secure an active adventure for your organisation please contact Energize. The Wildgoose platform allows for 100% bespoke games that can be designed around any theme or content and enable quick and easy data capture at any open venue.

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