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Global Conference Follow Up

Phew – what a week it’s been since our conference.  So many great stories already of how people are already implementing ideas and have also won new work off the back of the networking, inspiration and content from the weekend.  Long may that continue!

As promised, we’ve now collated all the resources, slides and information from the weekend onto a dedicated ‘Conference Channel’ on Zendesk. To gain access to this you just need to complete the form below (we like to bribe you for your feedback!) and then we’ll unlock the door on this Private Zendesk channel to all the content, slides, feedback, photos and resources from the weekend!

Most importantly we want to know your thoughts from the weekend and how you’d like us to handle your security deposits which can be used to offset the cost of any of the ‘Conference Special Offers’ we outlined or, of course, be refunded to you.

Here’s a reminder of your deposit options:

OPTION 1: Take advantage of the ‘Buy one get two free’ Conference Special Offer on the new bolt-on features. Usual Price of £250 each but get all three features for just £250 if you purchase now.

*Password for videos is ‘watchmyvideo’ 

OPTION 2: Take advantage of the Conference Special Offer on any one of our ‘Events in a Box’ – Escape, Level Up, Manor House Murder or Trading Table Game (available in Feb). Usual Price of £500 each but get this for £250 if you purchase now. 

OPTION 3: Return my security deposit – for ease this will be deducted off your next monthly bill but if you want a refund then just let us know.
* Note: For those with multiple attendee deposits any outstanding balance after the purchases above have been deducted will be refunded.

* Please note that these Conference Special Offers will only be available until WEDNESDAY 23rd JANUARY after which point they will be available for the regular retail price.

Please complete and submit this form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can send you the link to gain access to all the goodies from the weekend!

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