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The phenomenon that is Pokémon Go has got MD of Wildgoose, Jonny Edser thinking...

18 July 2016 | Jonny Edser

Unless you’ve been living in Outer Space for the past week, you’re likely to be very aware of the latest global phenomenon that is Pokémon Go. The augmented reality mobile game gets its users to travel between the real world and the virtual world to catch various Pokémon characters notching up points along the way. It is the next generation of real world gaming that is designed to get us off our sofas and moving about.

I’ve heard it said a lot recently – ‘sitting is the new smoking’  – and there is a very real risk to our health unless we change our fitness habits soon. So, games like Pokémon Go should be applauded for stealthily inspiring people to get active.

This is something that here at Wildgoose, we believe in too. Helping companies to team build, motivate and engage their workforce, whilst encouraging them to get on the move and be active both indoors and outdoors. In fact, we worked with over 50,000 people last year and are on target to exceed that number this year with the opening of our New York office in June.

As the MD of a company with technology at its core, I have been asked whether I see Pokémon Go as a threat to Wildgoose. My feeling is that the Wildgoose app and Pokémon Go each offer something very different, not only in the target market that they serve, but in the overall purpose too. A game like Pokémon Go has been designed for fun, but in my opinion would not be suitable as an employee engagement exercise for a number of reasons:

  • Pokémon Go doesn’t have the personal touch! Wildgoose can set up an event to start and finish from your chosen location and to incorporate all of the elements that you need for a successful and engaging employee engagement event.
  • There have been reports of people going to extreme lengths on their quest to find Pokémon . Health and safety and common sense have played a large part in the design of our events, so you can rest assured there’ll be no need to scale buildings or swim out to sea to complete a challenge.
  • Whilst catching Pokémon using AR is great fun, it doesn’t have the same purpose or ROI offered by Wildgoose. We can design our games to incorporate your company messages, values and key learning objectives to ensure that this is a useful investment of your time… and great fun!

My advise is to embrace the spirit of Pokémon Go when thinking about your next team event and to choose a company that specialises in employee engagement across a range of purposes, for a successful outcome.

Your Team. Our Technology. Any Location. We Are Wildgoose.


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