Meet the people behind the scenes...

Jonny Edser

Managing Director & Founder

Peter Barker

Operations Director

Gemma Scholz

VP Business Development (North America)

Lucinda Bianchi

VP Operations (North America)

Paris Stevens

Head of Marketing

Paul Lancaster

Head of Events

Steve Smith

Chief Product Officer

Ross Beale

Chief Technical Officer

Shelly Henderson

Senior Sales Team Manager

Grace Kennedy

Financial Controller

Mandy Chase

PA to the Board & Office Manager

Kris Bogdanov

Web Developer

Izzy Stannett

Mobile Developer

Dan Newman

Technical Support Manager

Carmen Chan

Customer Success Manager

Nick Hume

Business Development Manager (SaaS)

Ben Rowan

Business Development Manager (SaaS)

David Cload

Sales Executive

Andrea Ladstatter

Digital Designer

Anneka Nicholls

Marketing Executive

Emily Drake

Senior Project Manager

Leigh Duncombe

Events Executive

Alex Bond

Project & Events Manager

Darren George

Account Assistant

Andy Yates


Priya Taylor


Jane Edser


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