The ultimate guide to team building locations in London

June 05, 2020

Anneka Nicholls

"We’ve scoured the sights of this glorious city to create the ultimate guide to London’s best team building locations"

Searching for a unique team building day or corporate event in London? Finding the right location for your team activity can be just as important (and stressful) as the event itself. 

Whether you’re planning a corporate team building event, indoor activity or a London treasure hunt, the choices can seem endless and confusing. So we’ve scoured the sights of this glorious city to create the ultimate guide to the capital's best team building locations.

Updated April 2022.

Top team building locations in London

Covent Garden 

Highlights: Bustling cobbled streets, cafes, pubs, shopping and London’s best street performers.

With its charming piazza filled with open-air cafes, boutique shops and street performances, it’s little wonder that Covent Garden is one of our most popular team building location in London. From the bustling market to the picturesque side streets, this colourful hub is great for teams looking for a traditional London experience with plenty of history attached.

Team activities we recommend in Covent Garden:


Choose this location for: Central London sightseeing including Houses of Parliament, the Thames riverside walk and Buckingham Palace. 

The beating heart of London! If you want to incorporate sightseeing into your team event then Westminster is the perfect area to explore. With so much history to discover round every corner, you’ll be spoilt for choice as you experience quintessential London at its best. Don’t forget to pop into one or two of the pubs along the way - you never know what political or royal figure you could bump into!

Team activities we recommend in Westminster:

South Bank

Choose this location for: Food markets, arts, culture district and London Eye.

South Bank is one of Central London’s trendiest hangouts along the River Thames. It’s got pubs, art galleries, attractions and world-famous performance venues including Shakespeare’s Globe - need we say more? Any team exploring South Bank will be welcomed into its artistic and energetic vibe with open arms. A great location for teams with varying interests or film buffs!

Team activities we recommend in London South Bank:

London’s West End

Choose this location for: London’s world-famous theatres, restaurants, bars and museums.

The bright lights of London’s entertainment await you in the West End! A vibrant area that has been home to theatres since 1663, it is the perfect place for teams who want to experience the city’s drama and glory in one place. No matter where you roam in the West End, there’s a story to be told but which one will you choose?

Team activities we recommend in London's West End:

London’s best parks

Choose from: Richmond Park, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park or a combination of St James’s and Green Park.

If you’re looking to escape the buzz of the city but have a limited budget then running your event in one of London’s top parks could be a great solution. As well as being free to explore they are also great spaces to motivate your team to get up and about. Our GPS challenges will guide you through your chosen space with a series of challenges so you get to incorporate all that London has to offer in your team event. 

Team activities we recommend in London Parks:

City of London

Choose this location for: London’s financial district, art galleries and top attractions including St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building. 

At first glance, the City of London (or the Square Mile as it’s sometimes referred to) might just look like a load of skyscrapers but there’s so much more to discover should you choose to explore it. Not only is this area one of the oldest parts of the capital but it also holds a unique mixture of business, art and historical attractions. Whether you're playing indoors or outdoors, this part of London is fantastic for teams inspired by the world of trading and entrepreneurship. 

Team activities we recommend in City of London:

London Shoreditch

Highlights: International street food, artisan cafes, urban creative hub, street art and Spitalfields market.

Forgot Eastenders and Albert Square, Shoreditch is one seriously cool place to be in London’s East End. This eclectic area has no shortage of creative or culinary inspiration as the home of London’s best street art and the famous Brick Lane market. Behind the urban chic atmosphere, this area has a fascinating history and plenty of quirky character that any team will enjoy exploring. 

Team activities we recommend in London Shoreditch:

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