Ensuring team morale stays high during winter

October 29, 2020

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Paris Stevens

"Until 2020 we took watercooler chats and coffee machine conversations for granted, but the fact is that they make a real day-to-day difference to people’s working lives and mental wellbeing."

Winter traditionally brings many things, but among them in more recent years has been an increase in poor mental health. The dark, cold and damp, the sense of isolation and the depletion of finances are all factors that cause people to feel depressed and demoralised – and this year the effect is set to be amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic and the possibility of further lockdown measures.

The workplace is no exception to the annual winter downturn. At a time when profits usually peak in many industries, work-related stress and anxiety often does the same. Online searches for signs of employee burnout tend to spike in January, and the media coverage of ‘Blue Monday’ in the same month only adds to the effect.  

Boosting team morale in winter

What’s more, we’re so far into lockdown now that any element of novelty in being permitted to work from home has long since passed – people are fed up of perching at kitchen tables or shutting themselves in the spare room, and are yearning for the office atmosphere and the company of co-workers. Until 2020 we took watercooler chats and coffee machine conversations for granted, but the fact is that they make a real day-to-day difference to people’s working lives and mental wellbeing.

How team building makes a difference

Any business which has a truly unique working culture isn’t bound by the bricks and mortar of the office. Taking that atmosphere and recreating it in remote format is about much more than checking in on workloads throughout the day or holding regular video meetings – after all, it’s in those moments that aren’t focused on work where a team truly gels.

Quiz nights, after-work socials, team building events; these are the places where lasting workplace bonds are formed and where ongoing team morale is rooted, eventually feeding back into the work itself. They’re just as important in the virtual office as they have ever been – in fact, more so – and our remote team building products can ensure teams are truly motivated, connected and focused right through winter and beyond.

Team building events to boost winter motivation

The Daily Team Huddle

This upbeat and creative challenge gets the day off to the very best start by encouraging team members to shoot a motivational video or photo at home and share it with their colleagues – creating plenty of laughs and memories and energising people for the day ahead.

The Team Quiz

Our virtual quiz can replace the after-work social and really bring employees together to let their hair down after (or during!) a difficult week. It involves a range of games and challenges and is guaranteed to bring the laughs.

The Virtual Away Day

Taking things to the next level, the Virtual Away Day delivers an exhilarating set of challenges that gets everyone involved. Working against the clock, teammates must collaborate to score as many points as possible – creating fast-paced fun against the clock.

The Virtual Escape Room

Colleagues must work together to solve a set of cryptic tasks, riddles and puzzles that test everyone’s skill sets and get people truly engaged. The Escape Room is completed from the comfort of home via our interactive app with incredible augmented reality technology.

The Virtual Murder Mystery

Delivering all the fun of a murder mystery party with none of the dressing up, our interactive game challenges teams to succeed by using their problem solving skills and teamwork, all from the comfort of their own homes.

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