Top Events Trends To Look Out For In 2019

December 14, 2018

Paris Stevens

Back in 2010, social media was in full swing and smartphones were becoming mainstream. As we head into the final year of the decade, technology is no longer just a toy in our pocket, it’s become a way of life. The events and teambuilding space has been heavily influenced by these changes, and we’re an industry that embraces new innovation. Ahead of the new year, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest new trends you can expect to see developing in 2019.  

Data is king

Content’s been king for the past few years, but it’s crown is about to be stolen. Whether you’re holding an international conference, a consumer pop-up event or a team building session, getting and using the right information is essential. For the past few years we have been gathering all sorts of data on event attendees, from their favourite colour to their interests and activities. Now is the time to use this data to our advantage, in order to better personalise events and provide people with what they really want.

Custom build

Continuing the personalisation theme, custom build events are likely to become the norm for 2019. With the days of ‘off-the-shelf’ teambuilding activities and events long behind us, we can now utilise apps to develop an experience which more closely matches your needs and objectives. Technology allows you to delve deeper into what you need, by enabling you to collate information in one place and compare and contrast different solutions. Over the next year, we’re likely to see a growing interest in unique concepts.

Virtual and augmented reality

For the past few years it’s been considered a bit of a fun gimmick, but as technology improves, virtual and augmented reality will become more mainstream. Previously used at big exhibitions, it can also be incorporated into teambuilding and learning and developing exercises, making the experiences more interactive and fun for employees. For example, if you’re launching a brand new store or sales concept, you can introduce your staff to it in an engaging and visual way, helping them to learn quickly.

Immersive events

Unusual venues are nothing new, but in 2019 companies are going to be looking for the next step. As well as using blank spaces and quirky spots, we’re likely to see an increase in the number of brands using venues to dictate the whole theme of the event. For example, wilderness teambuilding at a remote farm, or an immersive event at a theatre or famous tourist hotspot. Offering new creative twists will be key, as brands continue to offer new and better event experiences for their teams and clients.

It’s been on the agenda for years, but as the socially and environmentally aware Gen-Z start to join the workforce, it will be more important than ever. Events aren’t just about learning and having an amazing experience, they also need to offer something back to the community. From beach clean-up operations to sustainability projects across the UK and abroad, there’s plenty of ways your team can make the world a better place. Events are also going to become more environmentally sustainable, as the ‘low waste’ movement continues to gain attention.

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