Team Building Activities for Executives

June 11, 2021

Paris Stevens

team building activities for executives

It can be stressful when you’re making decisions and the buck stops with you. What your executives need, every once in a while, is a chance to leave all that behind and have a bit of fun.

We also recognise that businesses all work in different ways, particularly with more people than ever now working from home. So whether your people are back in the office, based at home or doing a bit of both, here we have some great team building activities for executives.

In-person team building activities

After months of lockdowns, we all found a new appreciation for getting out of the house and seeing people in person. For many, working from home was an enjoyable novelty at first, but people soon missed day-to-day interactions with workmates. 

In-person team building activities, like the Wildgoose James Bond-styled treasure hunt, are a great way for colleagues to reconnect. Your executives can sneak around undercover and use all of their decision-making skills to identify their target on a vital mission. It’s an escape from everyday business they’ll be talking about for weeks.

If you’re looking for something involving a little less adrenaline though, how about a potluck picnic? First step: select a nice spot nearby, whether it’s a beach, park or maybe somewhere a bit wilder. Then invite everyone to bring along something from their country or region, or maybe just their favourite snack. Samosas from India, churros from Spain or Scotch eggs from err...Scotland, obviously. Who knows what tasty snacks you’ll end up with? Everyone will love getting some time outdoors and sharing tasty treats.

Remote team building activities

Some businesses have always had people working remotely, and 2020 showed many more companies that it was possible, so WFH is definitely here to stay. Just as organisations have had to evolve, so have their plans for getting workmates together. In some cases, existing team building activities have been adapted to also work from home.

Believe it or not, a team picnic can actually become a remote get-together. All your execs need is a patch of grass, a local park or even a balcony where they can set up a blanket and lay a little feast out for themselves. Telling everyone what’s on the menu is a great icebreaker, because everyone loves talking about food, don’t they?

Or you could get a little more hi-tech with something like our Virtual Globe Trotting – Around the World Challenge. It uses our award-winning app to whisk your team across the globe, setting them tricky trivia questions and fun creative tasks in every new destination. Find out who your office’s travel champion is!

Hybrid team building activities

What if you have some people in the office and some working remotely? Doesn’t that make team building activities a bit awkward? Well it doesn’t have to be with our hybrid team building events.

All you have to do is set up some screens and webcams so everyone can see each other (including those in the office and those at home) and make sure you pick the right activity. Team quizzes are particularly easy to adapt. People taking part online can get together in breakout rooms and people in the office can put their heads together in person. And everyone can have fun being hyper-competitive.

Or how about an escape room experience? That’s right, you can even do that from home. The Wildgoose Art Heist Escape Room is specifically designed for hybrid teams and your people will be so involved in the game that they’ll soon forget where they are anyway. Solving puzzles, collecting clues and putting evidence together, your executives will have to use their brains and plenty of teamwork.

Remember, that’s what team building is all about: the interaction between people. Whether it’s from the office, home-based or somewhere in between, bringing your team together for some fun is the aim of the game.

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