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March 19, 2020

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Jonny Edser

"Isolated staff should stay connected during worrying times (for their emotional as well as work wellbeing)."

A note from our Chairman

A few reasons why the new Remote-Series offering is the perfect solution for these uncertain times...

G is for GALVANIZE - the perfect way for your team to kick-off each day positively

Get a fun and interactive new kick-off challenge every day. Get colleagues connecting and working together. Get that team spirit back! Our kick-offs are a complete self-run solution that can be used to inspire any time - and the hilarious results can be shared with colleagues to put a real smile on their faces in difficult times. 

O is for OPENING UP - together

Remote working doesn't have to be remote. Our event experts run thousands of events a year, anywhere, for all group sizes. We run and host professional interactive virtual away day sessions - managing everything from start to finish and helping you and your team to connect and engage with each other in a highly productive, meaningful and effective way. Get colleagues connected, teamed up, and ready for the challenge. 

O is also for ORIGINAL

Hundreds of fun and intuitive interactive challenges, games, quizzes, competitions and team-building tasks to choose from - created, curated and constantly updated by event experts with decades of experience of inspiring teams and colleagues. 

S is for SOCIAL

Get your colleagues together for a team social like never before. This is a quiz with a difference. Run by professionals, advanced functionality and technology, break out rooms for teams, 1000's of interactive questions, advanced gameplay where each team members' answer matters. This is the answer to a great virtual team social. 

Isolated staff should stay connected during worrying times (for their emotional as well as work wellbeing). Our complete suite of remote working solutions are designed to get everyone involved, engaged and energised on a regular basis. And our new Annual Pass means that you can use our self-run challenges to energise colleagues and teams for a year - and also mean you can get them together face to face for a great time as soon as times are better. 

It all adds up to an exciting new WILDGOOSE adventure - join us today for a virtual experience with a difference - and that makes a difference.

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