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June 21, 2019

Paris Stevens

Dashing through the city streets on a treasure hunt might sound more exciting than team building activities indoors − but this is where technology can turn your expectations around. Gamification using tools such as smartphones, GPS, augmented reality and interactive apps provide excitement and combine fun to meet your objectives indoors as well as outdoors.

Although we have a Wet Weather Guarantee for our in-person activities, an indoor activity will shelter you from the elements. Not only this, but many team building activities can simply be added to an indoor or virtual event you are already holding, for example, an interactive app-based team quiz can fit in between the courses of a meal or a Zoom breakout session.

Part of a remote team with offices around the world? We've got you covered! With plenty of virtual solutions, everyone can get involved with our team activities – and no one has to step on a plane!

If you want to choose an indoor team building activity which is not limited by four walls, take a look at the team activities below all of which will stimulate, excite and challenge the mind.

Why is team building important?

Team building is important for positive company culture and boosting employee morale. Not only does it bring people together but it helps to improve communication, trust and productivity. Colleagues that trust each other talk more openly and share their skills thus creating an effective and more creative dynamic (it’s like music to our ears!) Whether virtual or in-person, team activities require employees to listen, problem-solve and make decisions together. This fosters a constructive and engaging environment where everyone has a chance to bond and take on leadership roles.

What are the benefits and objectives of corporate team building activities?

At the heart of every team building activity is the people taking part and so your objectives should focus on aspects like employee motivation, morale and relationships. If you have a specific goal in mind for your event, try mixing these into your activities and aligning them with your company values. Regular team activities should also give your employees a chance to make (and strengthen) connections, develop their creativity and feel valued amongst their peers. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of team building activities:

  • Increases productivity
  • Builds trust and communication
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Improves leadership
  • Creates positive company culture
  • Promotes accountability
  • Highlights strengths and weaknesses

How to make indoor team building activities successful:

Accessible activities

Whilst you can’t please everyone, it’s worth keeping in mind that team activities should cater for all abilities. Dave from accounts may love the idea of a team away day at an indoor climbing centre but it might not be possible for those with health conditions or physical limitations (sorry, Dave!) The overall goal of team building (indoors or outdoors) is to get everyone involved and having fun, so look out for activities that have a variety of creative, mental and physical challenges that are appropriate for everyone.

Outline clear goals and common values

For any team activity to be successful, it's important to establish the goals and outcomes of your event before communicating these clearly with your team. What is the common goal you'd like your colleagues to work towards? Why have you chosen a particular exercise or activity over others? What are the core values or beliefs you'd like everyone to have learnt by the end of the activity? Taking time to prepare and ensuring you and your team understand the purpose of your event is a great foundation to make your event run smoother.

Indoor team building ideas:

1. Around the World

Our Around the World Challenge is an indoor activity where your team will virtually travel to different countries completing a series of highly entertaining challenges which also meet your objectives. All the challenges are designed to put their teamwork, communication skills and creativity to the test. Whether it is performing the Haka as part of a challenge in New Zealand or building a famous landmark, your team will have to work together, using their problem-solving skills and ingenuity.

2. Beat The Screen

You may be indoors, but this is exciting! Designed to get teams moving, this high-energy challenge encourages participants to get up away from their computer or table and explore their indoor location whilst completing a range of interactive photo and video challenges. Beat The Screen is the perfect indoor team building activity with a focus on wellbeing, collaboration and getting active.

3. Make-A-Wish UK Team Quiz

Something special happens when people come together to achieve a common goal for the benefit of others. The Make-A-Wish UK Team Quiz is a team building activity in association with Make-A-Wish UK, a non-profit organisation with a mission to create life-changing wishes come true for critically-ill children. This immersive team quiz is a great way for teams to have fun whilst contributing to a truly worthy cause. If you're looking for a team activity that will have a lasting impact then this is the one for you! Employees will feel pride and loyalty to the company they work for which wants to give back.

4. Manor House Murder

There is nothing like the thrill of a murder mystery, trying to piece together tantalising details by using those Poirot inspired ‘little grey cells’ to catch the murderer. How Poirot would have loved this virtual murder mystery!

Our Manor House Murder activity will improve your team’s ability to problem solve and think strategically. It encourages you to work as a team to unlock clues using augmented reality and image recognition technology. Without needing to step outside, you can explore the crime scene via an interactive map, completing the tasks and challenges inside so that you can reveal the murderer.

5. Art Heist Escape

You are in the frame – the perfect accessory to an art heist! You have 60 minutes to escape and avoid arrest.

For any location, any venue and any team size, Virtual Art Heist Escape Room is a fun and exciting way for your team to develop their problem solving skills. Your team will have to complete this nail-biting app-based virtual escape room challenge against the clock for added thrill. As you complete the challenges you will have to figure out some cryptic messages and look out for some surprises!

Employee productivity keeps business thriving, and it doesn’t have to be complicated to organise regular team building activities. And what's more, many of our team activities can be added to a virtual event.

There are benefits to holding your activities both inside a venue and outdoors, it depends on your preference, the size of your team and your budget. With the use of cutting-edge technology, attention can be captured and emotions can be stirred inside as well as outside.

More indoor team building ideas and remote team activities

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