Team Activities to improve communication and trust

February 15, 2018

Paris Stevens

Are you struggling with squabbling colleagues and communication breakdowns? Do your employees trust each other to do a great job, or do they try to go it alone? Find out how team activities can bridge communication gaps and take the group dynamic from average to outstanding.

Whether it’s ordering a coffee, giving a speech or sending a Whatsapp reminder to our partner about picking up the cat food, we spend most of the day talking to each other. Despite the constant chatter, it doesn’t mean we’re always delivering the messages we want people to hear. In the workplace good communication builds trust between colleagues and helps us to get the job done more efficiently- but it can be tricky to get it right. If your team is struggling with trust and communication problems, find out how team building activities can save the day.

What are the biggest communication challenges in offices?

From the constant buzz of emails to our ever-growing to-do lists, office life is becoming increasingly fast-paced. When colleagues are stressed out or under pressure, good communication can go out of the window, leaving your team feeling unmotivated and resentful. Another key challenge for managers is dealing with different personalities and working styles. While some people appreciate straight talking and logical problem solving, others respond better to encouraging words or creative brainstorming sessions. Language and cultural barriers can also be overlooked, meaning some team members feel left out.

Why do employees lose trust in each other?

It’s easy to make a mistake but it’s not always as easy for colleagues to forgive and forget. In a fraught environment, even something as simple as a missed email or snappy response can cause colleagues to lose trust in each other. In some companies, you may find yourself with ‘more chiefs than indians’ or employees who would rather do everything themselves than delegate tasks. Personality clashes, poor communication, fallouts and office gossip can also damage relationships between colleagues, leading to lack of trust and poor working environments.

How can team building fix this?

Team building isn’t just about delivering company messages and building brand awareness, it’s also an opportunity to patch up relationships between colleagues and develop their communication skills.

Escaping the office encourages relaxation

Getting employees out of the office will encourage wallflowers out of their shells and give more outgoing employees the chance to blow off some steam. It also takes people away from day-to-day stresses so they can get to know each other on a personal level, relax, bond and have some fun.

It helps the team to develop better procedures

Team building exercises throw people together and demand quick solutions. With no time for indecision or disagreements, teams learn the best ways to communicate to reach their shared goal most efficiently. All of this should be reflected in their work back in the office, leading to better procedures and working patterns.

Your team can discover each other’s hidden talents

Whether it’s staying calm under pressure or when you’re lost in the middle of a treasure hunt in London, team building has a way of unlocking people’s potential. Increasing self-confidence and boosting trust amongst employees, team activities are a great way to bring out the best in your colleagues.

It boosts positivity

By increasing employee engagement with the brand through fun team activities, you’ll find your team is better motivated to communicate and meet the goals set out for them. They might not agree on the best football team in the Premier League, but they will agree your company is a great place to work.

Trying something new improves engagement

Team activities push people out of their comfort zones, and encourage them to try something different. Allowing groups to engage with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, experimenting in a fun, pressure-free environment helps teams learn how they can combine their skills and support others.

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