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August 06, 2021

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Paris Stevens

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"Home-workers can also find it harder to take a break. With less structure in the day, they stare at their laptop screen for longer. This can leave employees feeling exhausted and burnt-out."

Modern HR pros play an essential role in setting the right tone. When it comes to company culture, employee development, engagement and wellness, they really know their stuff. What’s more, companies across the world are putting their human resources departments at the heart of the business as hybrid working environments become the norm.

Your HR team sets a good example to the rest of the company (no pressure!) and needs to continually evaluate and provide fresh perspectives and insights. These guys are the experts at building better workplaces and regular team building activities provide measurable results to analyse.

Take a breather

Hybrid working offers the perfect solution for flexible working. But if some staff members are working remotely most of the time, then there is a risk that those individuals could feel isolated with less face-to-face social interaction. With a mix of remote working and office working, there is also less opportunity to get together in person as a whole. 

Home-workers can also find it harder to take a break. With less structure in the day, they stare at their laptop screen for longer. This can leave employees feeling exhausted and burnt-out.

Beat The Screen has been designed to make sure everyone feels included — whether they are at home or in the office — and encourages that all-important break. It’ll unite teams who are far apart, all employees can participate, and it’ll give your team a mental and physical boost. 

All the magic happens via video conferencing software, so that everyone can see each other (helping to build relationships) and this is used in unison with the Mobile Adventures app. Designed to encourage physical activity alongside some targeted key outcomes, it also includes time outdoors to complete a range of interactive video and photo challenges.

Share the load

This is an exercise that works best in person. It encourages HR professionals to help other HR team members.

  1. Give each person an index card with the words ‘Help me!’ at the top. 
  2. Ask each person to write an HR-related work issue that they have a problem with. 
  3. Collect up all the cards and shuffle them. 
  4. Ask each person to pick a card (if a person picks up their own card, reshuffle and get them to replace it). 
  5. Ask everyone to write down on the card how they would help find a solution to the problem and write their name on the card. 
  6. Return the cards to the original person in need of help. 

After the activity, you can discuss how people ask for help, and if they don’t, why they don’t. You can also discuss the need to work together to find solutions to problems and the advantages of team input.

Escape the humdrum

Bored of the same old routine? Shake it up and take your team on the Virtual Arctic Survival Challenge! This is ideal for remote workers looking to improve their observational skills and boost team morale.

The remote event manager sets a dramatic scene with a rather tense virtual briefing, explaining your team’s predicament: stuck in an unreachable hut in heavy snowfall and high winds. Through a set of augmented reality challenges, your team must escape as quickly as they can against the clock.

Make a difference 

Charities have really suffered over the course of the pandemic, losing vital fundraising and volunteers; the impact of which will be felt for many years to come. A great way to give back and at the same time boost morale and employee engagement is to do some volunteering as a team.

Whether you get together to help redecorate a residential care home or flats, revamp a local playground or go litter-picking, charity work has a huge feel-good factor. Even more introverted staff members can get excited about making a difference. Make sure that everyone has a role they feel comfortable doing, but also offer opportunities for people to step out of their comfort zone. And choose something where you have to work as a team towards a common goal. 

To find the right volunteering work for your team, take a look at, which has a searchable database crammed full of opportunities. 

Refocus, re-energise

We all have off days from time to time. Some days you’re just not feeling it. But lethargy at work can be toxic. To prevent this ‘meh’ feeling creeping into the workplace, you need something to awaken team spirit. 

Level Up is a fast and furious activity, where questions are fired off and challenges are faced — and the team will have to delegate and apply strategic thinking for success. The teams will race through 10 fun and challenging levels, including Creative, Cerebral, Observation, Physical and Pot Luck. 

No time to organise, no problem

If you don’t have time to organise team-building activities, it’s no big deal — booking with Wildgoose is quick and straightforward, and we can remotely manage the event for you, from start to finish. This is what separates us from others in the pack; if you’re looking to re-energise your team, but you need it to be easy…you’ve landed in the right place!

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