Top Tips For Planning Your Christmas Party

October 14, 2019

Paris Stevens

Top tips for planning your Christmas party

The year is flying by in a flash which can mean only one thing- Christmas is just around the corner. You’ve probably sorted out the venue for this year’s festive bash, but there’s still plenty of details of finalise. From the decor to the theme, it’s time to start planning ahead. If you want to provide your employees with an event they’ll remember, check out our top tips for a party that packs that extra punch.

Team Building

Team building events happen all year round, but if there’s time in your busy end-of-year schedules, it’s always nice to have one more get together before the holidays. A chance to celebrate all your employees’ hard work and get them excited for the challenges that lie ahead in the new year, it’s a great way to kick-off festivities. Try organising a Christmas-themed treasure hunt or karaoke competition on the afternoon of your party. View our list of Christmas team events.

Be Inclusive

It might be the work calendar highlight for some employees, but others worry about embarrassing themselves at social functions. Consider ways you can make your Christmas do as inclusive as possible so that everyone feels comfortable. If you’re going to have a fancy dress theme, ensure you keep it optional and provide props for those who may want to dress up later. It might be worth asking your staff to contribute ideas and vote on the ones they like best so that everyone feels included.

Choose Activities For Your Team

Parties are always fun, but they’re even better if there’s a fun activity to join in with. Whether it’s a karaoke booth, music video making, ice-skating, or a winter fairground, there’s always something to give your event an extra wow factor. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even organise an added incentive activity for the team, such as a trip to Paris or a day out at a local theme park. Check out our full list of Christmas team activities.

Give Out Awards

If your official awards night is a different time of year, don’t worry. Use the Christmas party as a chance to boost the mood and host a novelty awards session. From ‘best cake baker’ to ‘best motivator’, get your team to think up creative ideas. You might want to consider offering small prizes like sweets or certificates that employees can keep on their desks.

Get Creative With Your Menus

For some companies, the three-course meal is still a firm favourite for the Christmas party. But with so many different dietary needs to cater for, others are choosing to branch out to street food, bowl food and themed buffets. While it may be less grand than a formal dinner, it does mean that you can save costs for other areas of your party and provide your guests with lots of variety.

Get The Right Entertainment

Just as important as the food and alcohol choices, entertainment can make or break your evening. Whether you opt for something traditional like a band, or go for something different like dance classes or circus performers, you’ll want something to blow your staff away. Don’t forget to utilise technology to your full advantage either. From live-streaming tweet feeds to hologram walls, AI and VR, there’s plenty of options to better engage your audience and make sure it’s an event to remember.

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