5 unique team building activities your colleagues won't hate

July 12, 2021

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Paris Stevens

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"The collision of work and home life has changed the way we interact with our colleagues, with staff meetings taking place online, friendships harder to cultivate, and the chat we would usually indulge in unable to take place."

Office banter, finding your lunch half eaten in the fridge and after work socials are all things we’ve missed over the past year.

The collision of work and home life has changed the way we interact with our colleagues, with staff meetings taking place online, friendships harder to cultivate, and the chat we would usually indulge in unable to take place.

We spend a large part of our lives at work, and social interaction is a huge part of office life.

So, while work is important, the relationships we form are just as relevant and team building activities should be high on the agenda.

While you may not feel overly fond of team building days or activities, they can be a great way to get the conversation flowing and for your team to find out more about each other while stimulating your synapses.

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How important is team bonding?

We’ve already mentioned them, but some of the reasons team bonding is so important include socialising, networking and getting to know each other better. The skills you use in your everyday job can be put to good use solving mind-bending mysteries with your colleagues, bringing you closer and in turn motivating you when you head back into a working environment, be it at home or in the office.

What are the benefits of team bonding?

Job satisfaction is important but connection is everything, and the benefits of team bonding include communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and long-term productivity. Philosopher Confucius said:

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

The motivation gained through team-bonding activities will carry through to your work, boosting performance, creativity and team spirit.

That’s why we’ve rounded up five unique team building activities that are guaranteed to create a buzz amongst your colleagues and boost collaboration. So whether your team is working remotely or back together in the office, keep reading to find our virtual, hybrid and in-person challenges that your team will love to play.

1. Spy School: In The Field

Always dreamed of becoming a secret agent? This in-person treasure hunt lets you embrace your inner James Bond!

Using your smartphone devices in a location of your choice, you’ll be tracking down suspects in a high profile case to find key pieces of intelligence to uncover the culprit. Your team will tackle codebreakers, memory tasks, riddles, and photo and video challenges, earning points as you go.


  • Improving attention to detail
  • Develops communication in an outdoor environment
  • Promoting healthy competition and critical thinking

Take a look at our Treasure Hunts page for more outdoor and virtual team activities.

2. Hybrid Art Heist Escape Room

If problem solving is your thing then our Hybrid Art Heist Escape Room offers the best code cracking competition around. This is where your team bonding will be tested to its limit. Can you work together to solve the perplexing puzzles before time runs out?

This 90-minute team building activity will benefit disparate teams in need of a flexible and highly engaging challenge which will get everyone involved, whether they are at home or in the office. You'll be against the clock so working together to make decisions under pressure is key!


  • Allows everyone to participate from the office or home, in person or virtually
  • Highly engaging and experiential virtual escape room
  • Improves logical thinking

3. Team Quiz – Let’s Get Quizzical

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a pub quiz? The virtual kind have kept us going over the past year and although it’s not quite the same as propping up the bar, they are a pretty good replacement for the after-work social.

Working in teams of four to six, one of our remote event managers will become quizmaster as your team puts their heads together via video call to solve some top trivia. Quick fire questions and that all important picture round provide a fun and interactive way to bond as a team when you can’t be together.

Our virtual team quizzes are a real morale booster and are designed to lift your team’s spirits wherever they are.


  • Social, fun alternative to the after-work social
  • A range of unique, interactive trivia and challenges
  • Combats isolation and loneliness

4. Urban Explorer

The best way to discover the beating heart of a city is to explore it on foot, so why not throw in some added adventure into your team building activity?

Using your smartphones and our interactive app, you’ll unlock GPS hotspots containing problem-solving tasks and questions to take your team around your chosen location, collecting virtual items and points as you go. Team strategy is the priority as you compete via the live scoreboard to reach the top spot.


5. Virtual Around The World

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel the world? Well now you can take your team on a virtual globe-trotting trip, visiting 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles.

Collaboration and creativity are the only way to get through this virtual journey which begins in Argentina, and passes through China before ending in New Zealand, exploring well-known landmarks and answering questions against the clock.


  • Highly collaborative virtual team activity
  • Enhances employee wellbeing
  • Develops team strategy

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