3 unusual team building activities in London

February 24, 2020

Paris Stevens

"We’ve said goodbye to the dreaded ‘trust falls’ and traditional leadership exercises that, let’s face it, could bore your team to sleep! "

Thanks to growing trends in-app technology and employee engagement, team building activities aren’t what they used to be. We’ve said goodbye to the dreaded ‘trust falls’ and traditional leadership exercises that, let’s face it, could bore your team to sleep! 

Instead, we’re now seeing an increasing demand for unique and ‘out there’ team building ideas, especially in London. Whether you’re a newcomer or experienced city dweller, we have plenty of quirky and unusual team event ideas in London to keep you inspired. Here are our top three unique team activities in the capital.

London Zoo Challenge

Animals in the office might be a big no-no but what’s stopping you from sharing your team building experience with the residents of London Zoo? Our London Zoo Challenge is no ordinary day out as you discover the world's oldest scientific and conservation centre through hilarious team challenges and questions to test your animal knowledge. Not only will you be in the heart of London but you experience one of the city’s unique attractions in full. Just watch out for those pesky penguins, they love to get involved in a selfie or two!

Black Cab Challenge

Take the weight off your feet in this unique team activity, complete with your very own zero-emission black taxi and cabbie driver. If that doesn’t sound like the ultimate London experience then we don’t know what does! This activity is great for teams who are new to (or revisiting) the capital and want to combine their game with a day of sightseeing. After all, it’s not every day you and your colleagues get to whizz around in one of London’s most iconic vehicles.

Royal London

Didn’t think team building and the monarchy would go well together? Think again, Lords and Ladies. Using a smartphone or tablet, your team’s trivia skills will be put to the test as you answer questions about the UK’s Royal Family and get creative in photo challenges in front of the top sights. We can guarantee you won’t need an everyday tour of London when this quirky team event incorporates more palaces, parks and Royal history than you can shake a jewel-encrusted stick at. (We don’t want to play to stereotypes here but corgis and English Breakfast Tea may or may not get you additional team points!)

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