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Thomson Cruises

  • Event Location: Malaga
  • Event Theme: Bespoke


Wildgoose were contacted by the Managing Director of Marella Cruises with a completely unique brief – to facilitate the orientation of a brand new ship –  Marella Discovery 2! Docked in Malaga, Spain,  the purpose of the event was to help 872 TUI Retail Store Managers get to grips with the new facilities and amenities onboard which in turn would help them and their wider teams better sell Marella Cruise packages going forward. A mighty brief, but one that really excited our Operations team.


Our Operations Team worked closely with the Cruise Senior Product Manager to create a fully customised event that utilised the indoor maps and image recognition technology of our app to guide teams around the 11 decks, 915 cabins, 7 restaurants, 7 bars, 2 pools and 9 lifts! Our intuitive app took on the role of Ship Tour Guide and enabled participants to explore, get to know one another and ultimately absorb key information about the brand new ship.

The flexibility of our indoor map function allowed our operations team to get extra creative when designing the deck plans; image recognition activated challenges were strategically placed throughout the ship to ensure teams explored all areas. It also helped the participants clearly navigate their way through Marella Discovery 2.

As teams began their Wildgoose voyage, reaching preset challenge hotspots – a series of presentation screens were unlocked. The screens detailed key information about the specific area they were in and were complemented with immersive and engaging photo and video challenges, curated to test their TUI knowledge!

The app also encouraged the teams to locate specific facilities onboard such as the photography studio and virtual reality experience. Once there, the participants got involved with a variety of integrated activities and submitted a whole host of entertaining photos for review, demonstrating high levels of engagement.

Throughout the event, participants utilised inter-team messaging and live scoreboard features to up the ante and resulted in one team creating their own bonus task involving a TUI penguin to fool the other teams! Needless to say, things got particularly competitive. This all contributed to a hilarious wrap up later in the afternoon.


The event was a huge success. By utilising our interactive technology the TUIRetail Store Managers were able to process information about the ship in a much more engaging way, retaining the knowledge and using this to better sell Marella Cruise packages going forward. The combination of the physical facilities onboard and the interactive technology provided by Wildgoose meant that 100% of the participants felt they would be able to sell the ship better. As well as this, the event also helped Store Managers and Head Office employees, who would not usually liaise with one another, to work together, communicate and collaborate helping them provide insightful recommendations to their teams and customers in the future.

Wildgoose produced a hugely engaging and immersive orientation event of our newest cruise ship for over 800 colleagues. It was a pleasure to work with Sheridan and Emily who overcame numerous challenges such as last minute content changes and the fact that the ship refit didn’t finish until 2 days before the event,, and still managed to keep the process stress-free for our business. The event itself was a huge success. It was fantastic to walk around the ship and see such high levels of engagement and enjoyment from every team. Nick was a brilliant presenter who really connected with and motivated our delegates, and the whole team was so proactive and helpful, making sure everything ran smoothly. The feedback we received from everyone who took part was phenomenal and the event went better than I could have ever imagined. Huge thanks to the Wildgoose team!

- Cruise Senior Project Manager
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