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How can technology boost your onboarding and orientation programme?

Orientation doesn’t have to involve a snore-inducing PowerPoint and ice-breakers that make people hyperventilate in the coffee break. Getting your new employee orientation right during onboarding means your new recruits will be 11% more productive, and 69% more likely to stay with you for 3 years (source), which is important as you probably spend in excess of £5,000 to recruit them in the first place!

Here’s 8 ways technology can help make your orientation and onboarding programme the most successful yet…


Technology is an integral part of the modern day workplace. Your onboarding programme is the first impression for your new employees and using technology to orientate them will demonstrate that your company is forward-thinking and progressive.

We believe that technology should never be used for technology’s sake alone. That’s why our platform has been built not only to make the orientation part of your onboarding programme seamlessly efficient, but also creative, fun and highly engaging with a real sense of purpose.


Through the incentive of gamification, technology can be used to encourage your new employees to engage and collaborate with each other. We are so used to using technology in isolation; teach your new employees that technology can be used to build community in the workplace.


“Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Did you know that experiential learning often leads to up to 90% retention rates compared with 5% traditional classroom learning? Technology offers you the chance to deliver your content in a much more powerful way – it allows you to deliver an experience…



By using an experience, your content is far more likely to ‘stick’. Using technology in your orientation and onboarding means that new employees will not only retain more of the key information about the company and workspace, they’ll also be more likely to stick around – 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.


Technology allows you to really communicate and immerse your new employees with your company values, to inspire them to live and breathe them everyday in everything they do.  Technology allows you to get creative with the messages you want to convey and deliver them in an experiential way that will inspire your new employees.


Using technology to communicate your onboarding and orientation content means that your new employees can appreciate the progressive and forward-thinking nature of the company while respecting the company’s past. It’s important that your new employees appreciate your unique story, wherever you have come from, in order for them to help you on the next part of the company’s journey.


Research shows that good orientation programmes can improve employee retention by 25%, so it make sense that 73% of organisations revamp their onboarding to improve their employee retention.

Using our orientation tool as part of your onboarding process can not only increase employee retention, but it also saves you time. Managers spend two hours on average showing their new team members around  – imagine what they could have been doing with that time. If your company employs more than 100 people a year, that’s a huge saving of 200 hours!

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