Setting up your event

Where to start your event?

With approximately 15 hotspots to locate, you can choose which order to complete them. Start at your hotel and finish at the pub or restaurant; or why not use the app as a way to get from one activity to another? The choice is yours! Just be sure to keep an eye on the other teams on the map.

What if I don't know my event date?

Don't worry! You're able to update the date and time of your event even after purchasing. Just make sure to notify us if you've requested Remote or On-site Support.

Indoor or outdoor?

With a huge variety of themes and challenges available, your event can be hosted both indoors and out! Whether you're seeking an outdoor adventure for some fresh air and active fun or an indoor event hosted in a meeting room - we have options for both. And if you're really not sure, you can always change the location closer to the date.

How do we calculate our prices?

From our experience we would recommend 5 participants per team for maximum engagement, and as a result we charge £60 + VAT per team.

For example:

- If you have 10 people we will charge you for 2 teams

- If you have 20 people we will charge you for 4 teams

If you're not entirely sure what your numbers are, you can always book for a minimum number and add more people nearer to the date.

Pssst. If you have an odd number of people and end up with 6 in your team, we won't tell anybody!

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