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Virtual Daily Team Huddle

Starting the day off on the wrong foot can negatively impact your entire day. A good day needs a solid foundation. What better way to kick off your day or week than with this motivational experience?

This upbeat, creative challenge will encourage participants to shoot motivational photos and videos in their own home, focused around boosting morale when your team works remotely. Sharing photos and videos helps get a glimpse into someone’s home environment, helping the team to visualise what life is like for their teammates.

These daily challenges can be released to each of your team’s devices every day for up to a month, giving you a solid foundation in the weeks of isolation ahead.

The photos and videos will be saved into a presentation for your team to share, creating a lasting memory and plenty of fun! Your colleagues will leave the Daily Kick-Off feeling positive, with higher energy levels, ready to crack on with their daily tasks.

Do you have specific goals to meet? Then contact us today to talk about our remote Custom-Made Solutions. Wherever you are in the world, we can make it happen remotely so that your team knows they may be out of sight, but they are not out of mind.

Duration: Each daily task lasts approx 10 minutes

Group Size: We can accommodate up to 250 people per session, with your group all playing against each other in smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants. For groups larger than 250 people, please speak to us for options as we do have solutions.

Key Outcomes

Boosting motivation
Improving productivity
Creating memories to unite teams
Inspiring colleagues
Encouraging physical movement
Building in a healthy distraction
60 minutes gameplay


Our remote challenges can be run for small and large group sizes, whether your team is made up of 5 people or 5000, The Daily Kick-Off is the perfect solution.


Daily Kick Off

£12 + VAT pp
Our Insights
How does it work?

Daily Challenges

Starting on square one, teams must complete tasks using their own devices. Each day a different task topic will activate; keeping the content varied and engaging.

Upbeat Tasks

After a description of the task players will need to scroll down and shoot a video or capture a creative photo to submit. Players can review their masterpieces before submitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does each person need in order to take part?

How long does the activity last for?

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