GPS Treasure Hunts & Outdoor Activities

Our GPS Outdoor Activities allow you and your colleagues to experience a location in a completely unique way.

Navigate with your team via interactive hotspots to complete a variety of creative tasks as you go!

Why Choose Us For GPS Treasure Hunts/ Activities?


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Benefits of GPS Outdoor Activities

Why Play a GPS Outdoor Activity?

Whether you're looking to explore your favourite city, let loose your inner 007 or dive into some action-packed suspense Dan Brown-style, our outdoor activities are designed to engage your inner explorer! We provide over 2,000 fun, interactive team events each year for 70,000 participants living in 23 different countries around the world. Our interactive challenges are designed to get you thinking!

GPS Treasure Hunt FAQs

How do GPS treasure hunts work on the day?

How long do your GPS treasure hunts?

How many people can take part in your GPS outdoor activities?

What do we need to take part?

Are GPS treasure hunts good option for a conference breakout session?

Where can we host a GPS treasure hunt?

How do we find the GPS hotspots?

Do teams follow a trail or follow each other?

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