Nottingham Treasure Hunts

The East Midland’s cultural hub of Nottingham will have your team bonded like Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men during your next team Treasure Hunt!

Bored of mundane team-building activities? Why not head to Nottingham for an exciting GPS-based treasure hunt with Wildgoose! Explore the city's hidden gems and iconic landmarks, like the famous Nottingham Castle and Major Oak of Robin Hood fame. And wait, there's much more! Feast on delicious local cuisine and indulge in fantastic galleries along the way! This immersive adventure brims with collaboration and teamwork, leading to greater ROI for your business. We know you'll be talking about this exhilarating experience all year round!

Perfect for team activities

Nottingham’s compact layout combined with historic streets is the perfect place for teams to explore together on foot!

Something for all ages

From the castle to the football stadium, Nottingham has something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid Iron Maiden fan or curious about the history of the traffic light, this city offers a wide range of weird and wonderful history. Your next team Treasure Hunt has so many exciting surprises to unfold when you wander the streets of Nottingham!

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Why Choose Nottingham For Scavenger and Treasure Hunts?

Boredom is not an option when taking part in a pub explorer team building activity in Nottingham. A tour of the town is a must if you want to appreciate all it has to offer. When you think of Nottingham, Robin Hood and his band of merry men instantly spring to mind. But there is much more to this beautiful city than angry sheriffs and outlaws. Its inhabitants give it an energetic presence and the city has something for people of all ages. Its claims to fame include Elizabethan country house Wollaton Hall being used as Wayne Manor in Hollywood film The Dark Knight Rises, the man who invented traffic lights, having the biggest market square in England, and being the first city to install braille in its shopping centres. Any of these would make for a great Team Quiz. Nottingham isn’t short on musical talent either, with heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s lead singer Bruce Dickinson hailing from nearby Worksop. Singer and songwriter Jake Bugg is also from the Clifton area of the city. Grab your smartphone and be guided through your personalised team building activities full of tasks and challenges which will keep everyone on their toes.

Discover hidden gems in Nottingham with exciting scavenger and treasure hunts!

The Lace Market

The Lace Market in Nottingham offers a unique and engaging setting for corporate team bonding through an urban explorer challenge. Rich in history and culture, teams can solve riddles, engage with local merchants, and discover hidden gems while exploring the area's stunning architecture and historic landmarks. In between challenges, teams can unwind at Debbie Bryan Tea Room or try ice skating at the National Ice Centre. This memorable experience will foster camaraderie, collaboration, and appreciation for history, leaving teams inspired and ready to tackle future challenges.


Hockley, in the heart of Nottingham, is a vibrant and diverse corporate team bonding district! This lively neighbourhood boasts a unique mix of independent shops, bars, restaurants, and art installations for all ages. As you venture through this creative area, recharge with live performances and the renowned tea shops and escape the city buzz at Stonebridge City Farm. What's more? The district serves as the perfect location to embark on our Pub Explorer challenge, designed to blend a trivia night, pub crawl, and treasure hunt-all in one. It's a surefire way to bond with your team while discovering the creative spirit that Hockley offers. With its blending of creativity, charm, and character, Hockley ensures that every team's unique challenges are tackled with enthusiasm!

Castle Quarter

Discover the captivating charm of Nottingham's Castle Quarter, where history meets modernity amid a stunning blend of natural beauty and architectural marvels. From the breathtaking Nottingham Castle to the picturesque grounds of The Park Estate, this area offers an unforgettable backdrop for your team-building adventure. With Wildgoose's Space Survival activity, you and your team will embark on an exhilarating out of this world journey through this enchanting district, uncovering its secrets while strengthening your bond like never before. Our immersive game structure is designed to foster effective teamwork, communication, and critical thinking – essential skills that translate seamlessly back to the workplace. As you navigate the winding streets and lush green spaces of the Castle Quarter, you'll rely on each other's strengths to complete challenges, solve puzzles, and race against the clock. This thrilling shared experience will not only help your team grow closer but also unlock their hidden potential.

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