Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon Treasure Hunts

“I like this place, and could willingly waste time in it” wrote some guy called William Shakespeare – you may have heard of him?

This famous quote may not have been about Stratford Upon Avon, true, but it may as well have been, as you’d be hard pressed to find a prettier town. And let’s face it, when you’re in Stratford, you can’t beat the bard!

But it doesn’t have to be all about old Shakey though – if you’re keen to avoid the man, Wildgoose have a variety of exciting themes for you to play, whilst using the picturesque setting of Shakespeare’s home town as your backdrop. Whatever you choose, Stratford Upon Avon is the perfect setting for your team event, from the relaxing riverside gardens, to the unspeakably quaint timber houses.

Wildgoose treasure hunt challenges welcomes you to this gorgeous town, and as you wind through buildings names after almost every single Shakespearean character, you’ll be presented with questions and tasks to test your knowledge and intellect. Photo and video challenges will see you, your colleagues and friends channeling your most creative side to earn points in this competitive, fun and unique corporate team building activity.

Wildgoose are proud to offer our treasure hunts as either a fully managed or self-managed event and will give you a unique and fun-packed activity. Although don’t be too cocky about your team’s imminent success, for as Will himself once said, “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”.

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