York Treasure Hunts

We’re at home to the Vikings here, in beautiful York, so sharpen up your axe and prepare to do battle against your foe!

Admittedly the foe are the other teams, and there will be mildly less bloodshed than a Viking battle, but you’ll still need your fighting spirit to come out on top. War cries all round, GARRR!!

Long home to the ancient Viking hordes, York is historic and atmospheric. It also is probably one of the only places that could get away with calling its main area the Shambles! Not quite as chaotic as they sound, the Shambles are ancient streets, home to shops and timbered houses which will plunge you back into the middle ages. Sheltering round the corner is the stunning Minster of York, which towers above the city. Using York as the backdrop for your team event will not disappoint!

Wildgoose treasure hunt challenges will be your modern-day warrior chief, leading the charge, and you’ll be presented with questions and tasks to test your knowledge and intellect. Photo and video challenges will see you, your colleagues and friends channelling your most creative side to earn points in this competitive, fun and unique corporate team building activity.

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