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Corporate Team Building Activities Boston

Looking for corporate team building activities in Boston? Named as a thriving business destination with plenty of culture and fantastic transport links, Boston is an ideal location for your next team event.

Our corporate team building Boston activities are the perfect solution for team building events. Corporate team building isn’t new, but it is changing. With the days of dusty old boardrooms long behind us, brands are looking for something new and different to keep their staff engaged. That’s where Wildgoose comes in. We offer an extensive range of team corporate team building activities in Boston, which are designed to bring people together, and meet your business objectives.

We know it can be challenging to organise a team event that meets everyone’s needs so that’s why we’ve designed our corporate team building activities to be flexible, fun and most importantly, engaging. Whether you’re looking for a day out of the office or a purposeful event, our corporate team building activities in Boston are the perfect solution to bring everyone together in one of the UK’s best cities! We know how difficult it can be to organise corporate team building activities, especially when everyone in the team has a different idea as to what they want! You might find it difficult to find something that will make everyone happy, but we can make life easier for you! Our corporate team building Boston based activities will provide you with the perfect middle ground!

We have something for everyone. With over 15 engaging activities to choose from, we can help you create an unforgettable team building experience. With all different activity types and themes, we have the most varied selection of games on offer.

Corporate Team Building Activities in Boston

No matter your team size or objectives, we’ve got corporate team building events around Boston covered! Our corporate team building events range from virtual escape rooms to outdoor GPS treasure hunts around Boston. No matter what industry you are in or how large the team is, our corporate team building Boston activities have been played by 100’s of companies with massively positive reviews. Whether in person or remotely, you can learn new skills, improve communicational skills, organisation and leadership skills and even improve your ability to listen to others.

Our corporate team building activities in Boston have consistently been rated as one of the best in the United Kingdom and the United States. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes in Boston and other locations, including Samsung, Sony, IBM, Vodafone and many more. With the increasing return of demand for in person team building events, our corporate team building Boston based events are increasing in popularity and frequency.

Corporate team building Boston activities have become especially important during the last few years. With the world becoming completely virtual during the lockdown period, businesses of all sizes have had to adjust. Part of this has been improving the way teams communicate, but also socialise. Our corporate team building Boston based activities will allow you to do so from the comfort of your own home, in person or a hybrid between the two.

Have a look here at some of our many corporate team building Boston based activities to find out more.

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Remote Briefing

Our Event Manager will deliver a virtual briefing via video link in your office, meeting room or hotel, your group will then split into teams to play your chosen activity. Each participant will play using their own smartphone device preloaded with the Mobile Adventures app. All of our activities are social distance ready. Find out more below.

Interactive Challenges

Teams will then set off on their Wildgoose adventure. They must navigate their chosen location and search for a range of GPS activated hotspots that will unlock a treasure trove of interactive challenges including riddles, photo and video tasks, trivia questions and so much more! Our virtual Event Manager will then provide an entertaining wrap-up, announcing the winning team!


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