In-person Team Building Activities

The Great Outdoors, what's not to love! Our range of in-person activities have been creatively designed to encourage teams to get together (safely), provide fun physical activity and help you explore your chosen location - whether you're looking for an activity across the pond in England, or looking to unearth the secrets of your favourite city on home turf, we've got you covered! Based on a traditional scavenger hunt style activity, our range of solutions will test your general knowledge, see you checking out your favourite pub-stops and even taking on the role of 007 - there really is something for everybody!

Benefits include:

✔ Encouraging physical activity

✔ Boosting mood and outlook

✔ Improving resilience

✔ Encouraging participants to explore

✔ Increasing productivity

✔ Bringing teams together safely

✔ Full flexibility with our Covid Guarantee


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In-person team building activities

$15pp plus $300 remote facilitation fee per 50 participants

How are we making sure our events are safe?

Our design team have worked hard to make sure all of our In-Person activities are social distance ready and safe to play. Click below for more information on exactly how our in-person activities are run.

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Can we take part in team activities while socially distancing?

How do we get setup?

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How much do your in-person team building activities cost?

What locations can I choose from?

Does each player need their own device to play?

Our Covid Guarantee

Worried about returning to in-person events? If your event changes due to Coronavirus, the Wildgoose Covid Guarantee allows you to effortlessly switch between our virtual, hybrid and in-person activities.

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