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Lyreco Case Study

  • Client: Lyreco
  • Event Location: ACC Liverpool
  • Event Theme: Exhibition Explorer


Lyreco were organising their annual Sales Conference at the ACC Liverpool which was a chance to kick-off the new year. As part of this, their key suppliers had paid to exhibit in the exhibition hall next door, the idea being that it would give the 600 sales staff the chance to meet them, understand the products in more detail and build their knowledge.

The challenge for the organisers was to ensure that the 600 sales staff going into the exhibition space would engage with the exhibitors. This was a really important part of the day but ordinarily always presents a challenge.

Wildgoose were approached to develop a solution that would meet three key criteria:

  • A competitive solution that would engage the sales team in an activity, drive footfall into the exhibition and provide an incentive to take part.
  • An activity that would require the staff to engage with technology (all staff had recently been issued with new company smartphones so the activity had to include these).
  • An activity which would incorporate the ‘Layar’ app which uses Augmented Reality to bring their brochure to life.


Wildgoose put forward our ‘Exhibition Explorer’ as the ideal solution to this because it has been designed specifically for a closed B2B exhibition like this.

Using an indoor map of the exhibition hall, the game was skillfully designed so that teams would need to move around the entire space. Teams used our inbuilt Image Recognition scanner to unlock tasks to compete for points. These tasks were carefully developed by the exhibitors to showcase their key products in a way that would build interaction amongst the delegates and stand holders. A range of content was used from simple Q&A, multiple choice, video and images to make full use of the apps’ capabilities.

Correct answers would earn points and a live scoreboard was updating every 30 seconds to keep the teams motivated and competing. After all, we know from experience that salespeople are very competitive!



Teams got highly engaged in the activity in a way that had not been seen previously at the exhibition. 30% of the teams were highly engaged (completed 80% or more of the questions) with a further 35% having completed more than 50% of the questions.

Incredibly, 46.1% of participants voted the exhibition to be the best part of the whole event which was very positive and showed that it was possible to get the delegates engaged in the exhibition. This made it the most popular part of the day with 31.7% voting for the Presentations and 22.2% voting for the VIP Awards.

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