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Break the ice and get delegates talking & networking with our short-burst, on the day, energizer activities.

A change of pace can give a much needed energy boost to a conference and refocus delegates as engagement levels start to wain. Our entertaining energizer games encourage delegates to get to know each other, making this module a great networking tool, whilst helping to create a positive mood. Not only is it a great way to kickstart an event, but it’s also a perfect short activity to build into other parts of your agenda such as after lunch to reenergize the group.

Choose from one of our ‘off the shelf’ energizers such as human bingo or use your conference content and delegate list to create a bespoke energiser for your day which are all played through our interactive app on tablets or smartphones.


Our energizers will:

  • Encourage delegates to get to know each other
  • Change the pace of your conference
  • Can be implemented at any point during your conference
  • Re-energize and refocus a group of delegates
  • Can be played indoors or outdoors


Change up the pace!

Revitalizing a group for optimum engagement…

Design, discover, deliver…
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