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Team Building Ideas & Events for All

Team building is vital for any business that wants to be at the top of their game.

A business that feels unified in their goal and that harbours respect for, and amongst their employees is going to excel in its practice, over one that has a fragmented identity, with employees uncertain of their place within the company. Team building exercises and activities help to boost morale and energy in employees. Companies should aim to have a team building activity once a year, particularly if they identify that employees are feeling demotivated, showing signs of low-morale or are not communicating effectively.

Corporate team building events can be a big undertaking if you’re putting it on yourself. It’s a bit like arranging a birthday party, but one where you are directly held accountable if anything goes wrong or if people don’t enjoy it, with damning repercussions if so – normally from above!

Things you need to consider before taking on this feat are:

  • BUDGET  How much can you afford? You then need to research the best options within your budget. You don’t want to waste your money on a picnic when you could be tandem sky-diving!
  • SIZE –  The size of your team will determine what kind of activities are available to you. If you have a small group then you can offer more tailored experiences, whereas larger groups will need a more creative approach to keep people engaged.
  • WEATHER – The weather can be the ‘be all and end all’. Will your activity still be a success in bad weather? Make sure you look at wet weather options or at least ask the team building provider about their stance on inclement weather.
  • FREQUENCY – Once a year is a good idea, but consider doing it more often if your business has suffered a recent loss, upset or needs a boost.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY – Remember, you are responsible for your employees if anything goes awry. What are the risks involved? You must be able to guarantee the safety of your employees.
  • TRANSPORT – If your activity requires travelling around how are you going to move everyone efficiently, bearing in mind traffic and expenses?
  • TEAM BUIlDING CAPABILITY – This exercise is supposed to unite your team and get them better acquainted with one another. The activity in question must offer the opportunities to do so.
  • OVERALL ENJOYMENT – Is it going to be challenging, special enough and of course memorable? Will it engage and appeal to your whole team?

With all these things to consider, planning team building events can be stressful. You need to make sure all of your employees feel included and valued. Therefore, leaving the planning and delivery to team building professionals is a wise move. it also leaves you space to relax and join in the fun too!


These are tried and tested events, and their popularity speaks for their success.

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