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Top 10 Hints, Tips & Advice

1. If you unpublish a game for any reason YOU WILL LOSE all previous assets

2. Cache the map before handing out the tablets. This is especially important in areas that lack a decent 3-4G coverage. Inside buildings, GPS and Data can occasionally be unreliable meaning that the map will struggle to load when clients first join the game. To counteract this, once the game has loaded, go to Settings > Show Map Preview. This will cache the map. The game could now be played completely offline the and teams wouldn’t be any wiser.

3. Adding hotspots

4. When creating a task you cannot reorder the steps.

5. If you edit a task inside a game it WILL NOT update the Task in the library. You will need to update the Task inside the Task Library and then

6. When you clone a game, branding doesn’t clone. You will need to add the desired branding to the game in the edit menu.

7. Make sure the number of attempts inside a task matches the points

8. The search function isn’t smart. Make your tasks descriptions memorable so they can be found again

9. When creating tasks, save each step as you go.

10. If a tablet does not connect to the server: during game (a) After game (b)

a. Turn tablet off/on

b. At the end of your game link url add /edit eg.

Remember, do not unpublish the game or make ANY other changes. Extend the game time to past the current time and press update game. Then turn the offending tab(s) off/on. They should log into the game properly and push any remaining uploads to the server.

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