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Wet Weather Guarantee

The great outdoors – what’s not to love? Especially when you’re armed with a Wildgoose tablet and are navigating your chosen city, town or venue unearthing interesting facts, completing challenges and generally having fun. There can only be one thing that can thwart this fun though – and that’s the weather.

With years of experience delivering events, we will not be beaten by inclement weather. In fact – come rain or shine – Wildgoose have got it covered…

Here’s what we will do if bad weather threatens or takes a turn during your team event:

  • We have a ‘Head Inside’ task group, which can be made available by the games master if rainfall threatens.
  • Ponchos on all events – we come prepared with one for each participant
  • We can flip your event to an indoor location with 24 hours notice*
  • Our Tube Challenge, Museum Explorer and Venue Explorer are great indoor options to consider.
  • We won’t deduct points just because you head into Costa for shelter!

*Location or venue permitting

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