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Explorer Series

At Wildgoose we understand the need for people to make the most of their time together. Team events should promote fun and positive emotions, as well as leading to greater levels of performance and productivity.

The Explorer Series is a range of learning and development hotspots that can be incorporated into our ever popular location-based activities. An ideal solution for those who want to combine inspired learning content with the fun and excitement of a city or venue explorer.

Through exploration and discovery, this is active learning at its best.

Activities include awesome multimedia challenges inspired by latest thinking and theory to promote performance development and drive behavioral change. A focus on fun and exploration remains active throughout the learning process.

Adding this interactive activity to your training program will enable:

  • Focus on key areas for your performance development
  • Introduce latest thinking and theory
  • Challenge assumptions, beliefs and behaviors
  • Provide a safe forum for open and honest discussions
  • Identify specific learning outcomes on a personal and team level
  • Draw out deliverable actions, encourage ownership and personal commitments

Choose from one of the six learning outcomes below…

Explorer Series


Drawing on real-life examples and inspirational stories, this interactive team activity looks at what leadership is and how truly effective leaders unlock purpose and ingenuity in others, resulting in higher levels of engagement and performance.


This interactive team activity takes a fascinating insight into verbal and nonverbal language; which includes words, tone, eye contact patterns, body language and more. Discover how nonverbal communication often carries more information than speech, and has a much greater impact on rapport and trust in this unique team activity.



This unique and highly engaging interactive team experience involves Edward De Bono’s highly influential Six Thinking Hats; a methodology for looking at problems from a number of different perspectives to create more robust and effective solutions.

High Performing Teams

This high-energy, fun and interactive team activity brings the theory of team development to life through the framework of the Forming Storming Norming Performing model; highlighting the need for collaboration and celebrating the power of teamwork.

Positive Mindset

Focusing on powerful strategies such as the Hero Model, Victim Chooser and the Growth Mindset, this interactive team activity looks at how to interpret what happens to us in a useful and constructive way; changing mindsets from negative and unproductive to positive and progressive.

Work-Life Balance

Re-energize, refresh and inspire a more holistic understanding of your personal vision and values with this team activity that identifies your employee’s goals outside of work to create balance, connect with what’s truly important and positively impact performance and productivity.

Design, discover, deliver…
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