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Leading Through Impact

A game-changing experience designed to help future leaders create impact through action.

Future leaders are aspirational, purpose driven and values led – they have a desire to create positive change; helping others succeed and being part of something meaningful and far-reaching. It’s important for them to know that no matter how small, their unique contribution makes a difference in the world.

Partnering with B1G1, a social enterprise and non-profit organization with a mission to create a world full of giving, we’ve designed a high energy, interactive team event to engage hearts and minds. Ideally positioned at the start of a leadership or graduate program this immersive and inspiring experience will help participants connect with each other, their surroundings and a higher purpose; driving a collaborative, expansive and conscious mindset.

Using GPS technology, image recognition functionality and inspired content, teams are challenged to complete a whole range of multimedia tasks to score points and create impacts. The winning team will be the one who scores the most points, but how important is this when there’s an opportunity to change the world!

This transformational experience combines gamification with giving to improve people’s lives. Exploring, learning, competing and having fun, team activity will ensure resources are distributed to where they’re most needed; creating real world impact.

Leading Through Impact

What will you learn?
  • How actions create impact
  • A higher sense of purpose
  • How values drive behavior
  • More expansive mindset
  • Principles of conscious leadership
  • Power of collaboration
  • Enhanced ability to inspire and influence
A world of change!

Making an impact through leadership with B1G1

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