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The Onboarder - Campus

A perfect activity for organisations and universities, looking for a gamified solution to help new and existing students or employees explore a campus or business area.

A fully customisable challenge, each activity can be written to reflect your organisations core values making it a unique way to help participants get to know your business better, whilst learning about the facilities around your campus.

Whether you are based in Europe or the USA, in the capital or an under the radar destination – our unique challenge will provide the ideal solution.


The Onboarder – Campus

 Questions, tasks and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and challenges about a specified business park or campus.

Support, planning and event management

This is a Fully Managed event meaning that our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help put together your game. On the day, our event staff will be on hand to deliver an event briefing; offer guidance and support (but no clues!) and after the event to provide an eagerly anticipated wrap up presentation.

Lets go global….

If you have campuses or offices in other locations around the world, our multi-location option is a great way to involve and engage them. Let us know when you enquire if this is something you’d like to include as part of your event.

Explore your campus or business area with our gamified app… 


Explore, learn and discover…
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