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A unique, interactive experience which allows you to explore your chosen venue.

Ideal for a short break-out activity or evening activity to get your audience mingling at your event venue. Teams will be sent on a mission unlocking tasks and challenges using image recognition.

Armed with a tablet as your guide, this is a team event with an interactive twist as you work together to navigate around the venue; answer questions, complete tasks and tap into your most creative side to complete photo and video challenges to earn your team valuable points.

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Hotel & Venue Explorer

Questions, tasks and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges. Incorporating interesting facts about the venue this is a unique team event designed to test your knowledge.

Support, planning and event management

The Hotel & Venue Explorer is available as a Fully Managed event meaning that our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help plan every detail.

On the day, our event staff will be on hand to deliver an event briefing; offer guidance and support (but no clues!) and after the event to provide an eagerly anticipated wrap up presentation.

An ideal activity for a break out activity or to get people networking at your chosen venue.


Explore, learn and discover…
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