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Thorpe Park Resort Partnership

  • Event Location: Thorpe Park Resort
  • Event Theme: Partnership


We were tasked with creating fun and educational games using our interactive technology that would appeal to secondary school children attending the theme park. The games were required to keep students entertained whilst ensuring the content remains educational. The app needed to be accessible throughout all areas of the park, including ride queues! Merlin Entertainments also wanted to gain feedback from the groups along with statistics from the games to measure the success of their investment.


Wildgoose created two fully branded games for Thorpe Park. The first was a science based game to coincide with their Science Week activities designed to engage students of all ages in the wonders of science. The second was a summer game with lots of challenges for students on the resort, designed to encourage team work and bonding as the end of the school year approached.

The fun activities incorporated interesting learning points and were designed to fit around students’ ride times, allowing them to complete challenges together as they queued for rides. As students navigated their way around the park they were able to unlock different sets of challenges. Including some science and business learning points, however, the focus was predominantly centered around team work. A live scoreboard, penalty points for incorrect answers and exciting challenges added a real-time competitive element.


The Education team are really happy with the result of the GPS challenge. We have added in some extra content such as Image Recognition to unlock further challenges which has proved to be a great addition. 100% of the teams that have taken part said they would recommend the activity to their friends –  a great result to see in the final statistics of the game.

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