How to market your hotel to event planners

October 25, 2019

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Paris Stevens

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"Running a hotel is no easy task in the current climate, but there are ways to increase and maximise your revenues"

Competition in the hotel market has never been more fierce. From unique concepts to special offers and packages, marketing and PR teams are under fire to find new and innovative ways to attract business. Running a hotel is no easy task in the current climate, but there are ways to increase and maximise your revenues.

While many hotels across the UK are targeting leisure guests, others are expanding their events offering in order to attract large corporate groups. We’ve brought you some top tips to boost your hotel marketing strategy and create an environment that appeals to event planners.

Consider Team Building Solutions

Team building is an important requirement for corporate groups, with event planners increasingly selecting add-on activities when booking meetings. If you have activities and space within your own grounds these can be packaged for the events market. If not then it might be worth investing in a technology-based team building solution that guests can book when needed. Alternatively you could hire someone to provide an in-house, tailored service for each group.

Advertise Your Spaces

It’s not all about spacious hotel rooms and the spa, hotels should also be considering how they can market the other rooms and spaces on offer. For example, if you have an outdoor area, could this be used for corporate events? Would it be worth investing in a marquee or partnering with a local service? If you’re advertising function rooms, make sure you are providing potential delegates with the full details of what you can provide.

Invest in Email Marketing & Follow Up

Above all else, event planners want to feel valued and looked after by the venues they work with. Invest in your email marketing and customer services and you will be able to better market your hotel to groups. Attention to detail is crucial when looking after corporate groups and event planners will be more likely to book your venue.

Find Your USP

Corporate brands aren’t looking for ordinary. If you want to attract groups you’ll need to find your USP and market it effectively. Whether it’s the services you offer, unique team building options or just a spectacular venue, you’ll need a way to stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve decided exactly what and how you want to market yourself, you’ll start attracting a different market.

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