Socially distanced team building ideas

June 22, 2021

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Paris Stevens

Socially distanced team working activities

"Bring your team back together, outdoors in the fresh air, in a safe and engaging environment."

Emerging from lockdown might seem like we are cautiously creeping out of a dark cave, hands shielding our eyes from the dazzling sunshine, and learning how to communicate with each other again, face-to-face.

As we tentatively take steps back into the real world and reacquaint ourselves with our colleagues, we’ve developed a range of socially distanced team building activities that will bring your team back together, outdoors in the fresh air, in a safe and engaging environment.

Whether you're looking to unleash your inner detective, explore your surroundings, or connect with one another in-person, we've got the solution to put your teams’ tenacity and talent to the test.

Take a look at our top in-person socially distanced team building activities below.

The Ultimate

The outdoor team activity to beat all outdoor experiences! The Ultimate has everything you need to bring your team together in an engaging and safe environment. This all-in-one challenge is hosted by one of our remote event managers and is a great solution if you're struggling to decide on a particular theme.

The Ultimate combines our favourite tasks and challenges from our most popular activities, and encourages your team to harness their creative energy in a collaborative way. Using image recognition and augmented reality, you and your team must unlock crazy curveballs and cranium-crunching conundrums to keep communication open and everyone on their toes!

Hybrid Art Heist Escape Room

For those of you who aren’t able to get the entire team together for an in-person event, our Hybrid Series provides the best of both worlds. Participate in the office, at home, outside, or in a combination of all three locations.

Our Hybrid Art Heist Escape Room gives your team the flexibility to puzzle solve together, even if you are miles apart. This experiential activity will find your team locked in an office having been framed for an elaborate Art Heist while the real perpetrator roams free. Teamwork, communication and logic is required to crack the code in order to break free from your virtual escape room before time runs out.

Urban Explorer

This in-person socially distanced team building challenge is the perfect way to explore a new or favourite city while indulging in some team bonding time. Excitement and adventure await you as your chosen destination becomes an urban playground full of GPS hotspots that you and your team must locate and unlock.

Pit your problem-solving skills against other teams as you collect virtual scavenger hunt items and document your journey in pictures and video challenges. The team with the most points wins, so get your game face on and let your smartphone be your guide.

Spy School: In The Field

Use your inner sleuth to uncover missing information, working with your colleagues to track down suspects in a high-profile case. Team bonding will play a key part as you gather the missing pieces of intelligence, using your smartphones to navigate your way to hotspots around your chosen city, tackling brain-busting tasks, cryptic codebreakers and video challenges.

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